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Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Guess first its time for the special announcement. Sounds like So You Think You Can Dance is starting a foundation -- the Dizzy Feet Foundation. It's being run by Nigel, Katie Holmes, Adam Shankman, and Carrie Ann from Dancing With the Stars. And Cat's interviewing Katie Holmes now,because when I think dancer, I think Katie Holmes. The Dizzy Feet Foundation has been set up to help under privileged dancers get training. They'd also like to start an accreditation for dance instructors. Man there are some lofty goals for this foundation -- let's just hope that it works. And there's some name dropping going on -- Paula Abdul, Miley C., and Jennifer Lopez are also involved in the Dizzy Feet Foundation. Debbie Allen says the current economic crisis has put the arts on life support, so this is meant to support that art.

Nigel says he wants to thank FOX for not charging ad time for this launch of DizzyFeet. Here's the url for the foundation:

He then says what we all know -- for the 100th episode Katie Holmes will be dancing a Tyce Diorio routine to honor Judy Garland -- and since Katie Holmes is a saint, she'll be donating her entire appearance fees to the foundation. How generous! Considering her husband and her own career, I doubt that Katie Holmes is lacking in cash or in desperate need of those appearance fees.

Still, good for all these folks trying to use their celebrity, status, and TV time for good. And for promoting dance.

Next up, really and truly:

Karla and Vitolio
Quickstep by Jean-Marc G.
Puttin' on The Ritz by Rufus Wainwright

Time to see this new partnering, I must admit, I'm very curious. Jonathan is in the audience to shimmy his shoulders and cheer on Karla. 

For the quickstep Vitolio will be playing a statue that comes to life to fall in love with Karla. Karla and Vitolio love Jean Marc's analogies -- and I do too. He seems goofy fun, and so incredibly passionate about what he does. Karla says the choreography is brilliant and it will be great if they hit it.

Two steps in and I'm already more impressed with Vitolio than I've been all season. And Wowza, I don't know how that costume change just happened, but it was awesome. The pair have really done a good job creating their characters  and Vitolio looks like a natural at the Quick Step. As always, Karla's lines are gorgeous. The footwork is dainty where it needs to be, brisk and crisp. They even kept their hold well. A very good quick step, especially for So You Think You Can Dance.

Nigel says there was so many good things about that, especially that you can keep a woman quiet with the snap of the finger. Nigel wanted more bounce in the Charleston and thought it was a really entertaining routine and the pair were finally able to show their personality. Mary says so much for the kiss of death dance, because they brought the whole thing to life. She thought Vitolio did an incredible job, especially in close hold. It even earns at least half a Mary scream. Mia says that Jean Marc is a genius -- the judges spent ore of the time complimenting him than the dancers -- but he certainly earned his praise. She tells Karla and Vitiolio that the choreography made them, but the dancer's really stepped up. Mia says that Vitolio confuses her, because sometimes he's a wild horse, but tonight he was like a well trained Thoroughbred. Vitolio is talking a little much, saying "he hoped it wasn't the kiss of death, but the kiss of joy." Mia said they did, in fact, they made out with it.

Oh So You Think You Can Dance judges, I am never disappointed with your metaphors or analogies.

So the night started out and ended strong -- I'll watch them again, but I think my favorites of the night were: Janette & Brandon, Kayla & Kupono, and Vitolio & Karla. (Closely followed by Melissa & Ade's pas de deux.) My Least favorites? Sorry to say it, but Randi & Evan and Caitlin & Jason.  Tomorrow's bottom three should be fascinating.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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