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Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Jason & Caitlin
Pop-Jazz by Brian Friedman
Creator by Santogold

Wish that Jason & Caitlin would talk about the was it a kiss during the Bollywood routine, rather than all this other stuff. The pair, for obvious reasons, are feeling a lot of pressure to step up their game this week. Brian Friedman says it'll be a unique jazz piece -- and hes not kidding. It's about: an alien that's blown up the earth and she's coming down to earth to find the last man to procreate with. And you though a dance worshiping the booty was the strange!!

OH MY GOD. What is Caitlin wearing? A latex body suit with spikes on her head. And no, I am not kidding. The moves are frantic and interesting -- Caitiln seems to have gotten down Brian's unique movements -- her extension and lines are beautiful. But I guess I was just so distracted by everything else, it was hard to focus on the dance itself. I don't even feel like I saw Jason during that really. They got into their characters, but I'm not 100% sure they got the choreography. Hmm.....

Nigel says he thinks Brian is from another planet. Close up Caitlin looks like a dominatrix disco unicorn. Nigel says it was very weird, but the pair committed to that weirdness 100%. He makes a yucky comment about Caitlin being a dancing condom, which is strange if she's trying to impregnate Jason. (Not the only thing that's strange Nigel, not at all.) Mary thought it didn't play to their strengths and the routine didn't sit right with her. Mia says that Brian probably didn't set out to make his most brilliant dance ever, which makes Brian frown. Mia says she doesn't like the tin foil (the tin foil!) on Caitlin, saying it makes her seem like a cartoon. She says she enjoyed the piece, and thought the pair danced it well.

Mary Murphy Scream Count: 1.5
Hot Tamale Train: 2

Jeanine & Phillip
Hip Hop Routine - Napoleon and Tabitha

Love Lockdown Kanye West

Phillip says his favorite moment of the show was when his pants split last week. Pretty hilarious for all involved.

The pair will again be paired with NappyTabs as they were during week one. The dance will be about what the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance go through -- which apparently involves the two being attached by a chain. I'm wondering if that's something that works in theory and not practice...we'll find out.

Chain is still there--has to be the most interesting prop ever used on SYTYCD. I gotta say, for someone who isn't a hip hop dancer, I really enjoy watching Jeanine perform hip hop routines. There's a crispness and power to her movements that really fits hip hop well. Phillip is looking better than ever this week -- showing off some of his strengths, finally. No one falls on the chain. Overall, pretty successful in my mind.

Nigel says if you guys keep dancing like that, you should be chained together for life. He says he thinks Jeanine is a fabulous contemporary dancer, because she makes every style look like her style. (ha!  I was right.) Nigel says he loves NappyTabs and their routines, take that Brian Friedman. Mary thought the routine was incredibly creative. She thinks the prop could be a double edged sword, and that the pair really brought it on. She was particularly impressed with Phillip's timing and chest pops. Mary agrees with me, saying Jeanine was so good in the routine -- keeping up with Phillip no problem. Phillip and Jeanine are pretty adorable -- when Mary says it'll be a sad day for the partnership to end -- so Phillip throws away the key. I agree, love this couple. Mia said she got caught up in the chainography more so than the dance itself. She says the chain made the routine a bit sloppy, because it distracted from how hard hitting and precise Phillip and Jeanine's movements were.

Oh strange S&M innuendo -- on So You Think You Can Dance -- from Cat Deeley! This night is getting strange!

Gotta say, I am surprised that that one didn't earn a Mary Murphy scream. We're still at:

Mary Murphy Scream Count: 1.5
Hot Tamale Train: 2

Melissa & Ade
Classical Pas De Deux by Thordal Christensen
Prokofieve's Suite from Romeo and Juliet

These two are quickly becoming my favorite pair -- but does it strike anyone else as slightly unfair that a trained ballerina gets the first classical pas de deux on the show? It seems a dance they would never give to another couple, so just come out and say -- we added this dance specifically for Melissa, no one else will ever do it.

There's a new choreographer for the routine, Thordal Christensen. The pair will be dancing a pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet, which has always been Melissa's dream to dance. Thordal says the two shouldn't act like Romeo and Juliet, they should be Romeo and Juliet.

Bring on the pointe shoes! Melissa looks stunning -- and Ade is strong enough to be a capable partner. But if you think that America hates/doesn't get/is bored by waltzes -- what are they going to think of a classical pas de deux to a symphony piece? The lifts in this are amazing -- and seeing Melissa on pointe is beautiful. If you thought her lines were beautiful barefoot, just wait till you see her in pointe shoes. The chemistry between the two gave me chills, but I'm worried the rest of America aren't going to be excited by it. Does America vote for technique and the classics? I hope so....seems like something you can't just go through the movements for, that you cant fake, and that takes training and talent.

Nigel says it was beautifully danced and thanks Melissa for a superb performance. He says Ade's feet could have been better, but that his carriage and lifts were beautiful. He says he doesn't know another show where you can see an alien impregnation, people dancing in chains, and classical ballet. Mary says the routine was flawless, and is getting a little teary eyed about seeing Melissa dance in her style. Mary says the pair put her in a dream that she didn't want to wake up from. Mia says she is so excited to be celebrating classical dance on the program, she says that she's even more excited it was danced as well as it was danced. Cat Deeley is getting geeky, which we love. Mia also loves that it's a black and white Romeo and Juliet and says it was goregois. (the combining of gorgeous and bourgeois? To take a line from The Princess Bride, "I don't think that means what you think it means." Unless you just tried to call them gorgeous middle class. Mia ends by sharing my sentiment, saying: you can't fake ballet, and that Melissa is a true ballerina.

It's 30 minutes left in the show and only one dance -- man, that's going to be a long special announcement!

Last up is:

Karla and Vitolio

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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