Interview with Mollee Gray of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Interview with Mollee Gray of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Mollee Gray, the latest contestant to be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance.

While Mollee may have been chided for her immaturity during her time on So You Think You Can Dance, she handled her interview like a pro. She was surprisingly well spoken and diplomatic, while still sounding like the 18 year old she is.  Read all about what Mollee had to say about her favorite dance, "a history making moment," and her elimination.

Tell us about your time in High School Musical:

"That was pretty crazy. I was 13, I was just a little teenager and I went in to this audition. It was supposed to be a little tiny film, that no one was going to know about. But I thought I might as well start with my career early. And I ended up booking a job and it ended up being a huge world phenomenon. I was very very lucky and grateful  to have gotten a jump-start this early in my career."

The judges talked a lot about your age and maturity, or lack thereof, tell us about that:

"I feel like I've always had a sense of maturity in my dance. I think my packages may have shown a little more immaturity because I'm so bubbly. But once we got to the Top 10 and the partnerships split and when I was able to do more mature movement with the lyrical jazz and having a more mature partner like Russell, I felt like I leaped forward a ton in the competition."

Was it hard being criticized on your immaturity every week?

"It's funny actually, I grew up with people either loving how bubbly and little girl I am or or hating it. I learned to accept basically who I am. Because I'm a very happy person and I love just to be outgoing and remembered. It was difficult to hear that they thought I was immature, because I don't think of myself that way, just more outgoing. So I think they thought I was immature because of my age, but I think it showed my growth even more once I got into the Top 10 so that's a bonus for

What was the biggest lesson you learned or most valuable advice you received?

"I realized it in Vegas, it's not only a dance competition. Technique will get you far, but it won't get you to that top spot. It's also based on personalty and how America perceives you. Since I was perceived as the immature one, I had to figure out how to make America like me and not see me as a little girl. So I definitely learned a lot about myself and I've grown as a person."

What was your favorite routine you danced this season?

"Ah! My favorite dance, I think I've done in my entire life, is the Viennese Waltz with Jakob. Because he was the most amazing partner I think I have ever worked with. His personality and he was so uplifting and then the story line was amazing and Jason's choreography, it just honestly a dream come true. And it was the most magical experience I have EVER been through."

Everyone loved your routines with Jakob and Russell, do you wish you were paired with them first?

"Actually I'm very grateful that  I got Nathan at the beginning, because I felt like it brought younger people to the show because Nathan and I had the younger feel to us. Also by having Jakob and Russell after the top 10 it showed a lot more growth. Which is good for me, because that's what this competition is about. It's about growth and personality and technique. I felt like every step I took through the competition was for a reason and  I am grateful for it."

What do we need to know about Russell and Jakob?

"Well, Jakob may come off as very shy onscreen but he is the funniest person I have ever met. He's just hilarious, but he is very humble. Russell comes off as this tough guy Krumpter, but in fact he is a big teddy bear. Seriously, you just want to pinch his cheeks when you talk to him because he is so cute."

What was your favorite routine you didn't dance?

"My favorite dance was Jakob and Ellenore's Sonya Tayeh piece. Holy cow. Being a wintess to that live and watching that live, was the most amazing feeling. Because that is going to be a history making moment, it's going to be revolutionary so I'm very honored to have been there and to have seen it live."

Were you upset about last night and being eliminated instead of someone who didn't dance?

"Of course I was bummed. I think anybody would be because this a huge most amazing experience I think I've ever been through. People voted on Ashleigh based on what she's done throughout the season and I'm so proud of how much she's grown and impressed America. So I'm very proud of her and Ellenore, of all three of those girls. They all deserve to be tehre. I mean, it's a tough one any of the Top 8 could have been in the Top 6. I'm proud to even be where I am right now."

Do you think they handled the situation with Ashleigh's injury correctly?

"I think they handled it perfectly. With Noelle being able to advance to the next round it wouldn't be fair if Ashleigh had been cut immediately. Because it's a fairness issue. So I think it was very well handled, even if she didn't get to dance America still got to vote. Regardless of the finale she got voted for all the way up to the final episode so she obviously deserves to be there and America loves her. I'm very proud of Ashleigh."

What's next for you Mollee?

"Honestly, I don't know what's in my future. But I hope it involves acting, singing, and dancing. Because I've been acting for seven years, I've been singing for about five. I feel like I have the title of a triple threat, because I've been training in dancing, singing and acting. So I hope that my future involves anything in the entertainment industry be it Broadway or the movies. Anywhere I can be performing."

We wish Mollee the best of luck in her future, and sincerely expect we will be seeing this triple threat on Broadway soon.