Exclusive Interview with Jakob Karr of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Exclusive Interview with Jakob Karr of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This afternoon I had the pleasure of talking with Jakob Karr, runner-up of season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. From the moment he auditioned, Jakob wowed the judges and America with his flawless technique and soaring leaps. Adam Shankman went so far as to say that Jakob was one of the most brilliant dancers he'd ever seen.

Though Jakob wasn't named America's Favorite Dancer last night, he remains one of America's best. Jakob was an incredibly gracious interview and a real sweetheart about me being a geeky fan. We chatted about Russell's win, what he wished he could have said to America last night, advice from his BFF Jeanine Mason, the ladies he was lucky enough to dance with this season, and what's next for him.

In the spirit of journalistic integrity, I've kept all my geeky fan bits in. Here is my conversation with Jakob in it's semi-embarrassing entirety.

How are you feeling today? Exhausted or still excited?

"It kind of all hit me today, as far as what my body has been through. But I am in a great mood. I am really so happy for Russell. I'm so proud of him, and there are no hard feelings anywhere."

That's really good to hear. How did you feel going into the finale last night?

"You know, I was actually very calm the whole time. The top six, we were actually a very tight-knit group of people, and before the episode even started taping last night, we all sat down and just said, 'Everyone here is so good at what they do. And everyone really deserves this in their own different way.' So we were just excited to see who was going to win it, because we all thought that each other deserved it."

Aww. You didn't really get a chance to say anything after the confetti dropped and Russell was named the winner. Is there anything that you wish that you'd had a chance to say, or anything you'd love to say right now?

"You know, that was one thing that kind of threw me off a little bit, because I would have loved at least to say something. But, you know, what I learned through the whole journey is that everyone brings something different to the table at all times. And working with all the different choreographers and all the different dancers was such an amazing thing for me, and I really am thankful for this whole experience."

So you had three, actually four, of my favorite pairings of the entire season.

"Oh really?"

Oh goodness, yes. I just made a list "My Favorite Dances," and I was like, "And Jakob Karr, and Jakob Karr, and Jakob Karr..." So you worked with Ashleigh, Ellenore, and Kathryn. And I loved your dance with Mollee. Could you tell me a little something about working with each of those ladies?

"Absolutely. Working with Ashleigh I think was really the best thing that happened to me the whole time. Her spirit and what she brings when she's performing is something that I've never really been around before, because she is so humble, and she's so at peace with herself at all times, and it was really inspiring. And, of course, I loved dancing with her because she's such a great performer, and she's really an amazing dancer.

With Ellenore, that was like a dream come true, because I, the whole time... I still think she's incredible. I think that what she does is so unique and so individual, and so just getting to be in the same room as her and watching her do something, is amazing. And, you know, she was my best friend the whole time throughout the show, as far as the top 20 is concerned, and I really loved working with her.

Mollee is so sweet, and she works so hard, and she really does everything in her power to make sure that she does the dance correctly, and better. And she was so much fun to work with. It was so easy going. I really had a great time working with her.

And with Kathryn. For me, that was like another dream come true, like with Ellenore, because I thought Kathryn was so strong, and so beautiful, and so graceful every time she danced. So getting to share the stage with her, especially in the Desmond Richardson routine, was an absolute joy, and I really appreciate her as a dancer."

Do you have a favorite routine of the season? I know you have a lot to pick from.

"Yeah, I definitely did. I of course loved dancing my style. Anything that I did that was contemporary, I loved doing. But my real favorite of the whole season was when I got to do a cha-cha with Ashleigh. And I say that because, not only was it the most challenging for me--it really put me out of my comfort zone, and then some--but it was the first time I got to do her style, and she is so incredible at what she does, and getting to see her do that really inspired me. And she did everything in her power to bring me up to her level, and make sure that I wasn't going to be left in her dust. And it was a great, great experience."

Nigel said that you should definitely look into joining a professional company now that So You Think You Can Dance is done. Is that something you are considering?

"Definitely. Desmond Richardson's company Complexions is my dream job, and I actually got to work with him, and it was like living my dreams right before my eyes. So I would love to work with a company. But I would also love to do Broadway. I live in New York, and I love the atmosphere there. So anything I can do that's going to keep me there would be amazing."

Did your dear friend Jeanine Mason give you any advice going into the show or the finale last night?

She definitely did. Before I even came out to start filming the show, she kind of prepared me for what my body was going to go through, to make sure I knew to sleep when I could, and eat the right things, and all that kind of stuff. I still haven't talked to her since the results, but I did talk to her yesterday before the show taped, and she just called to check up on me, and make sure that I was in a good place with myself. And I definitely was, and I really appreciate her for that."

You're such an amazing dancer yourself. Who are you inspired by?

"I really found that my biggest inspiration while I was in the competition came from the people that I was there competing with. Because they were all so different, and came from such different backgrounds of life and dance, and yet they all brought something so wonderful. So getting to watch them perform was very inspiring for me."

I wish you the best of luck. I think you have big things ahead.

"Well, thank you so much. Happy holidays!"