Exclusive Interview: Courtney Galiano of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Exclusive Interview: Courtney Galiano of 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Courtney Galiano may have surprised a lot of people this season on So You Think You Can Dance, but the person she ended up surprising the most was herself.  This was the first year that Courtney was old enough to try out for though she had high hopes, she kept her expectations realistic.  Yet, she achieved a new goal week after week, getting a ticket to Vegas, making Top 20, making Top 10, and finally, making it all the way to Top 4 before being eliminated in the season finale.  Courtney was praised by Mary Murphy for being an inspiration to young girls and Nigel Lythgoe loved her endless amount of spirit both on and off the stage. She left the show with no regrets and today, spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview about her time on the show.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody this is Gina from BuddyTV and today I’m talking to Courtney from So You Think You Can Dance. Well what made you decide to try out for the show in the first place? Had you watched previous seasons?

Yeah, no, I’ve watched previous seasons and I knew a couple of people who had been on the show, and they said it was an amazing experience. I really wanted to try out for season 3 but I wasn’t old enough. Though I wasn’t old enough then but, Oh my god, I am totally going to try out this year, and it was amazing.

How would you describe the audition process while you’re in Vegas?

It’s dance boot camp, it’s definitely similar to the army I’d have to say. [laughs] Just every day there was a new dance style you’d have to learn, and the late hours and the long, grueling process and you’d have to wait for everyone to go. It was really intense. I don’t think you could have just gone from the audition cities to the show, you really needed to endure this to see if you’re able to handle this whole thing, because Vegas was really tough.

What style of dance was the hardest for you to pick up, do you think?

Oh my gosh. Wow. I have to say the jive, the jive was definitely the hardest. It was so fast and it had a definite technique to it that if you didn’t do it the right way, it wasn’t going to look like the jive. It was definitely very hard to pick up. Especially because that was the top four weekend and we already had 18 hours of rehearsal, so that was definitely the biggest challenge for me I think.

Who’s been the hardest judge to impress this season?

Hmm, well. I think Nigel was really tough, I think he was definitely tough. If he had a comment that he wanted to say to you, he would say it. He definitely wouldn’t hold back. I think Mia was a pretty hard judge and, oh gosh, there was lots of tough ones I’ve got to say. But they really don’t want to pick on you, they want to help you. They don’t want you to do bad and then it’s your job to go out there and do your best.

You lucked out because you got Gev as your partner this season and you guys had such great chemistry. What was Gev like to work with?

Gev was great to work with, we had amazing chemistry and we were great friends. He was so easygoing and laid back and I was like so the opposite, I was like, “Let’s practice, let’s practice!” And he would go, “Courtney, it will be okay,” or, “Don’t worry.” He was so nice. We had a great friendship and I think our work ethics definitely balanced each other out, that’s for sure. So we had a great relationship.

Did all the rumors of a romance between you guys, did that make you guys laugh?

Oh yeah, we would totally laugh at that. We would like go online and there would be these things that say like Gevney. It was so nice, and it was great that we created that connection, but at the same time I don’t think you need to love someone romantically to have a great chemistry with them. I think Katee and I when we danced together had a great chemistry. So I think you really just need to know them and love them as a person and really have a great relationship with them.

What was your favorite moment this season?

Making it to the top 10, making it to the top four, but my favorite moment I’d have to say was when Mary told me that I was an inspiration and role model for young teenager dancers. That’s what made me cry when I was doing my solo, because I feel like if that’s the one thing that I could have tried to do this season, that would be it.

Did the experience of being on the show this season exceed all of your expectations?

Oh my gosh, yeah. I think all of us weren’t really sure what to expect and I think we’ve all surpassed any goals that we’ve set for ourselves. It’s just, I think we’ve really been -- [voices in the background] Do you hear my parents, my big loud family yelling? [laughs] I just think we surpassed any expectations we set for ourselves because we had to, because every week we’re asked to do something outside of our comfort zone and it helped us grow as people and dancers, and I think that’s what the show is about.

Well speaking of your family, how is it to be home on a little break?

Oh my gosh, it’s great, it’s great. I love my wild house. [laughs] It’s so great, I’m so happy to be home and have my own bed and my family. Just to be able to relax and see them. And I’m happy I’m not eating food out of a jar anymore, that’s really a positive thing. I was like Mom, make sure I have such good food when I get home!

Well, how are you feeling about going out on this huge national tour?

I’m so excited about it. I think the stress and the pressure is taken out of it, I think it’s more on the exhausting side. It is tiring, but the fact that you’re performing for 10,000 people every night in different places, that’s unbelievable. And it’s all our favorite routines, so that makes it even better.

I just want to say we can’t wait to meet up with you on the tour, and thank you so much for your time today, Courtney.

Oh my gosh, thank you so much, I really appreciate this.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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