Eliminated Dancers Ryan and Alexander Talk About 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Eliminated Dancers Ryan and Alexander Talk About 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ryan Ramirez and Alexander Fost just missed out on dancing in the So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 when they were eliminated in the fifth week of competition. They spoke with reporters about their eliminations and their SYTYCD experiences.

On whether Ryan actually was feeling down in week 5:
Ryan Ramirez: When he said that I wasn't, not surprised, but I definitely feel that way at all... I never was down or out about the competition, I was still fighting.

On how Alexander felt about the constant comparisons to Sasha:
Alexander Fost: They kind of forgot a little bit that being a couple is being a teamwork... [In rehearsals] nobody ever said, you know so-and-so is better, it's only when the show was live that we started to get those comments.

On whether the SYTYCD experience was what Ryan had hoped:
Ryan Ramirez: It was everything I thought it would be and more. I didn't know I would learn so much about myself through the experience... I think I realized that I can push myself more than I thought I could... Learning from the choreographers was just as great as I thought it would be... It was amazing.

On what was the hardest style for Alexander as a ballet dancer:
Alexander Fost: The hardest style had to have been contemporary... As a ballet dancer, we don't roll ourselves on the floor... every time I touched the floor, I got a bruise... Because I was listed as a contemporary dancer, the critique was hard... Hip hop was hard as well, because there's a certain kind of attitude needed.

On Alexander learning ballet from European dancers:
Alexander Fost: Very, very, very intense... The European dancers are very different from the American dancers... They just show no mercy... They also showed me a sense of elegancy that ballet has.

On the dances they still want to try:
Ryan Ramirez: For me, there's a lot of dances that I would love to learn still. I always wanted to get krump... I love the passion with it... I would love to waltz, and tango and stuff like that.

Alexander Fost: The ballroom is something I have opened my eyes to... [The paso doble] was probably one of my favorite pieces, dances... Also, tap... I have really been wanting to take tap for awhile.

On the choreographers they most want to work with:
Alexander Fost: Tyce was one of them that I really enjoyed working with... Jamie King, for one, is one of my other all-time favorite choreographers.

Ryan Ramirez: I would love to work with Wade Robson, I think he's a genius... I was always aiming to work for Mia [Michaels], so I would still say that she is one of my favorite choreographers to work with.

On what were the most difficult or surprising parts of the show:
Alexander Fost: The hardest part is having to perform it on live television and getting critiqued... It's a popularity contest as well... Being on a show, you just have to keep remembering how much you love dancing.

Ryan Ramirez: I think the hardest thing was just being in the public eye so much... I didn't realize just how much people really analyzed your every move on the show... What was the biggest shock for me... was not knowing the power of the show and how many people it reaches.

On whether Ryan plans to pursue choreography:
Ryan Ramirez: Becoming a choreographer is one of my main goals in life... I think, right now, I want to continue performing while also developing my skills as a choreographer... Working with Mia has helped me with that, and I've learned a lot about behind-the-scenes work.

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