'Father Hood' Star Partners Up with Soccer Star
'Father Hood' Star Partners Up with Soccer Star
It seems Snoop Dogg has found not only a friend in soccer star David Beckham, but a dependable business partner as well. The 36-year-old rapper, who is currently starring on E!'s new family-oriented reality series Snoop Dogg's Father Hood, has announced a couple of projects for which both he and Beckham have signed on to do.

Early last week, Snoop told UK's FemaleFirst that he and Beckham are looking to develop their own line of slippers – or a “house shoe” as the rapper put it.

"I got David a pair of slippers as a present, and he took a picture of him wearing them and sent it to me.  I was like, 'They look cool!'” Snoop recounted to FemaleFirst.  "We are talking about making a slipper together. So when I stop rapping and he stops playing soccer we can kick back and slip on a house shoe."

Then on Sunday, the Father Hood star revealed to FemaleFirst that he and Beckham are going to try to “save lives” with the hopes of reinventing his “bad boy” image.  The two are planning to introduce youths from California's poorest and crime-ridden areas to soccer and American football.
"We're going to be trying to save lives.  We will be going in to do different things and I hope someone cares,” Snoop Dogg explained.  "I hope this proves I do other things than go to jail, smoke weed and go back to jail.  With me, the media is usually most concerned with conflicts and altercations".

Snoop Dogg also said that he and Beckham are similar in that they both have three children and the desire to help the less fortunate.

"We have a lot of things in mind and a lot of things in common as well as both having three kids,” he said.  “Like me, he wants to do whatever he can to help other, less fortunate kids.”

To top it all off, Snoop Dogg even said that he wouldn't mind collaborating with Beckham on a musical level.

"If he wants to do something musically with me, he's welcome.  But he hasn't asked about that yet,” he said.

Beckham has yet to make a statement of his own regarding the projects, although he has appeared on Father Hood, in which he engaged Snoop Dogg's children in some football sessions.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FemaleFirst
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