'Smash' Recap: Who's That Girl? (La La La La La)
'Smash' Recap: Who's That Girl? (La La La La La)
Missing Star

The big news of the week is that the big movie star Rebecca Duvall, who was supposed to play Marilyn, is stuck in Cuba. "It's political," says Eileen. After last week's Republicans-are-baaaaaad plot, it would almost seem as if Smash would like to grow wings and fly off into West Wing territory.

In any event, the investors are restless and suggest that her husband would never let something like that happen. So she goes off to her "favorite bar downtown with the best $7 Martinis" and sings her sorrows to the bartender. As it turns out, the bartender has an "emergency fund" under the bar which amounts to two giant wads of cash, and "knows some people" who might help Eileen fund Bombshell. And all of that, of course, out of the goodness of his heart.

The Understudy

The good news for our supposed lead Karen is that she now is the understudy for Marilyn. Which means that Ivy might have another nervous breakdown and that Karen's boyfriend might just go the same route. Because, as Karen dreams of being Marilyn, Dev is being told that he won't be the mayor's chief of staff. And as every good TV boyfriend does, he keeps it a secret from her for the whole episode, but acts erratic.

Julia's Woes

In other relationship news, Tom's boyfriend harbors some burgeoning feelings of jealousy towards the only black man in the Bombshell ensemble, who hits it off with the brilliant writer. Also: Julia tries to deal with the fact that her husband left her. Thanks to that, we get a brilliant scene in which she asks her fabulous son Leo over and over again how good the grilled cheese sandwich is she just made him. Back in the day, The Sopranos could spin this sort of thing into a metaphorical back-and-forth about life and death, but Smash is not that show. Cathartic writing, unfortunately, is nowhere to be found.

Two Marilyns

The show really likes Karen and Ivy together, so we get yet another storyline involving the two. Derek is mean as can be to Karen during rehearsals, so Ivy tries to cheer her up. Her advice: "You only get to be Marilyn for one week. Make the best of it." So she does. At the next rehearsal, she talks back to him, method-acting style, and suddenly our tough-as-nails director literally sees Marilyn in Karen. The perfect Marilyn. Right before his eyes. But Mrs. Duvall is coming, so he just dismisses the idea. Or has to. But this being TV, the last word has yet to be spoken.

Loose Threads

Karen has a big fallout with Dev when he gets into a fistfight with Derek. She had previously mentioned that the director sexually harassed her. When the boyfriend sees Derek leaving the apartment where he just apologized to Karen for his rude behavior during rehearsal, the disgruntled political wirepuller just loses it.

Julia nervously sits in a cafe and looks about her before suddenly finding herself at rehearsal in the next scene. Did I miss something? Eileen fires her old investors, and Ivy's plan to weasel herself back into the show is cut short when the luminary film star Rebecca Duvall finally shows up.

So what storyline struck you as particularly ridiculous this week? What do you think about the new rockstar investor? And how long do you think it will last until they fire their savior/famous movie star?

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