'Smash' Recap: The Show Must Go On! (But When?)
'Smash' Recap: The Show Must Go On! (But When?)
For some reason, the creative team behind Smash seems to think that it's a good idea for a show about the behind-the-scenes of a Broadway musical to drop the musical aspect for two episodes. So this week, all the characters are still waiting on word if the show is moving forward, and we get time to meander into the more soapy (and less interesting) aspects of Smash. Let's see what happened.

This Can't Be Right

First: Two relationship updates. Tom's boyfriend, John, is a Republican. Being a homosexual and from the right? Scandal! "That's a deal breaker!" blurts out Tom. "All the horrible things they do to the arts." TV writers never liked Republicans, but thankfully they don't have to be too specific. So when Tom goes to a fundraiser John and his horrible Republican pals are throwing, everyone is stuffy and ignore our genius bard. Thank god he has an excuse to leave the fundraiser -- but not before reiterating that he doesn't like Republicans.

Rough Patch

So while Tom still negotiates his new relationship, Karen tries to save her own. Her husband finds some musical slides on her bedside and swiftly deduces from it that she cheated on him while he was away. Pretty quickly, he even finds out that Michael was her male counterpart. "It's a total betrayal of me and 18 years of marriage!" he yells, and then storms out of their apartment. It's not long before he confronts Michael in the street and punches him in the face, like every self-respecting male TV protagonist must do. And what's the next step? He has to walk out on his family in the most dramatic manner possible. Which he does. To be continued, I guess.

Pressure on Derek

Derek wants more time from Eileen to get the show just right, and he doesn't want to "chase movie stars" in order to cast a perfect Marilyn. Eileen, however, suspects that his reluctance to move forward has something to do with last week's fight with Tom when he tried to move the musical into a more 21st century direction without consulting his head writers beforehand. So Eileen calls up another director to take over the show. And of course she gets the result she wants: more commitment from Derek. "Find me a star!" he barks out. But in his heart of hearts, he wants this show more than anything else.

Green Orange Juice

Karen books an orange juice commercial. So instead of treating her like the main character the network sold her as in the beginning, Smash spins an only mildly amusing comic routine out of it by having her prancing around in a green bodysuit in front of a green screen, taking cues from a douchey director. Not exactly star making material for McPhee, but I guess it fits into the smalltown-girl-is-overwhelmed-by-the-big-city theme the show has been exploring with her since the beginning.

Prescribed Madness

Ivy takes a lot of prescription drugs. She is bored being a chorus girl in the musical, Heaven on Earth. She is frustrated because it seems like her nemesis' career is in a better shape than her own. Derek's matter-of-fact sarcasm is no help, either. During one of her performances in Heaven on Earth, the meds cause her to first act out and then to run off the stage after she takes a fall in front of everyone's (and, worst of all, Karen's) eyes.

So she walks through the streets in her angel costume, buys some booze, breaks out into song in the middle of Times Square -- and all with Karen on her side. When our innocent wallflower dutifully brings Ivy home, the blonde bombshell can't resist but say, "We're still not friends."

What did you think of this week's episode? Excited about Uma Thurman's guest appearance next week? Are you missing the songs, or do you think there should be more of them?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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