'Smash' Recap: Recasting Marilyn?
'Smash' Recap: Recasting Marilyn?
This week on Smash, the big unifying question was if everyone was okay. Sometimes, like in Ivy's case, the question was addressed quite literally, sometimes, like in Michael and Julia's case it's more of an emotional question. It's also a question one could ask Katharine McPhee who, on paper, is supposed to be the leading lady of the show but is yet again sidetracked onto a meaningless subplot.

Creative Disputes and Dive Bars

Derek, Tom and Julia get into a huge fight over an unfinished song and confusing revision pages. This, really, seems quite normal for the artistic process but Eliis, Tom's assistant who apparently has too much time on his hands, goes squealing to Eileen who still struggles to secure investors. Alarmed, she visits the rehearsals but as it turns out things aren't so hopeless there. So she snatches up Ellis, goes apartment-hunting with him and then even goes so far as to frequent an establishment downtown where the Martinis are only $7. How daring for a big shot Broadway producer!

Disappearing Voice

After being asked over and over again if she's "fine," and diligently responding "I'm fine," Ivy's voice disappears during rehearsals. He throat is inflamed but not infected. She gets Prednisone, which has a lot of side effects and can be addictive. Of course Derek suggests grooming Karen to take over the lead role. After all, they are to hold a workshop in a week's time that can't be postponed. Feeding investors the excuse of a sickly leading lady wouldn't fly.

Bar Mitzvah

Karen accidentally overhears Derek, Tom and Julia discuss if she could potentially take over the role and starts rehearsing on her own. "I can do this," she tells herself. But first, in a storyline that doesn't make any sense, she has to sing at a Bar Mitzvah. But short of providing any story momentum, this particular plot at least brought us some more musical performance from Karen, which should at least be half the reason for people to tune in.

Hallucinations and Tamper Tantrums

So Ivy takes the meds and starts hallucinating. After singing a pop number alone in her room, she encounters a menacing vision of Karen dressed as Marilyn talking to her in the mirror. She freaks out and calls over Tom and Sam to pamper her. The next day, she appears to rehearsals again and bursts out in an epic rant after Derek humiliates her publicly again, culminating in the fateful words "You're not that good looking! And you're not that good in bed either!"

Love Triangle

Julia's husband Frank comes back, which, on the one hand makes things easier because she obviously tries to avoid making the same mistake twice with Michael, but on the other hand makes everything more complicated because, well, now there are two men in Julia's wife and we all know that love triangle on TV are never a good sign for the characters. And indeed, a few scenes later Michael and Julia get freaky on the leather couch in the rehearsal space.

What did you think about this week's episode? Are you now rooting for Karen to be Marilyn? How about Julia's relationship problems?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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