'Smash' Finale Recap: May the Best Marilyn Win
'Smash' Finale Recap: May the Best Marilyn Win
Excited to know who finally got the part of Marilyn? Not to spoil it for you or anything, but before we delve into details, let me tell you that this season finale was devoid of any big surprises, as was this first season as a whole. Honestly, we've all known from day one who was going to get the part of Marilyn.


In the beginning of the episode, Bombshell (and Smash for that matter) still needs its Marilyn. So what better way to decide than for tormented director Derek to go with his gut and finally give in to the slightly creepy visions he's been having of Karen as Marilyn. He goes for it and makes her Marilyn, which, of course, is what the show was going to do all along. This big "surprise" is anything but.


It is quite cringe-inducing how the show tries to rationalize the decision. The consensus (in the show's world as well as in the real world) is that Ivy would be the far better candidate. Not only does she resemble Marilyn more physically, but she simply is a better singer and performer than Karen. Eileen tries to sell it to the press as some kind of empowering story, while Derek tells Ivy, "She has something that you don't." Which is not true. But the show needs to believe it.


Speaking of Eileen, we still have Ellis' awfulness to deal with. In a moment of boldness, the wannabe agent tells her about Duvall's spiked kale shake that caused her to drop out of the musical. Weirdly, this compels him to say, "Don't ever call me an assistant again. I'm a producer." Because we all know a producer's job is to poison difficult movie stars. Thankfully, Eileen fires him on the spot.

Family Feud

Because Smash is Smash and will always be Smash, in an episode where the main focus was the company's preparation for the big premiere, we also get to spend some time with Julia's awful family. At one point, Mr. DiMaggio corners Julia on stage and exchanges banalities with her. Julia's husband sees them together and storms out of the theater. Julia trails him and assures that he just witnessed innocent small talk. But he just can't stand to even see him. And before anything can be resolved between the (still) married couple, Leo comes with some fish and chips in-hand for his parents to eat. Because that's just how he rolls.


The more dramatic stuff ensues when Karen is told about Ivy and Dev's little affair. "It was a mistake," whimpers Dev. "Is that what they call it nowadays?" our understudy-turned-Broadway-star asks. And then she disappears. Ivy swiftly changes into Marilyn attire, but after a little heart-to-heart between Derek and Karen, she returns to rehearsal and finally puts on what we have to believe is a good show. But the finale cut off so awkwardly that we didn't get any real closure for any of the season's storylines.

But what did you think about the finale? Did you enjoy the final performance? Was Karen the right choice as Marilyn?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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