'Smallville' Roundup: Spoilers, Chlollie and Imminent Death
'Smallville' Roundup: Spoilers, Chlollie and Imminent Death
On Smallville, there are battles and maybe-babies coming up, but there's one thing that could just sweep such news off the floor - literally. Sources say that dear Death himself (or herself, who knows?) will be making an appearance on the finale of the show's ninth season, with a major character getting scythed.

Do You Think Anyone's Getting Pregnant on Smallville?

Spoilers below!

Chloe (and Oliver) Gets More Action
From the welcome response to Chlollie on last week's episode, the writers have the fans wrapped around their fingers. Now that they know what works, we're sure to see more in the upcoming episodes, not to mention the finale.

Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson told TV Guide Magazine about the Chlollie developments, which stems from the similarities the two characters have with each other. "What's fun about their relationship is we're playing it differently that we've played other relationships, because they've both been very burned in love," he explained. "And so the fact that they're just having fun and enjoying each other's companionship is something very adult and new to the show."

Despite wrapping the whole thing up in secrecy though, he added that "a few touchstones on their relationship through the rest of the season" is ahead. Plus, "[t]he finale has a significant Chloe/Oliver storyline."

Most of what's in store for Chloe (Allison Mack) takes place in the episode "Sacrfice," wherein she'll fully embrace her Watchtower persona. "She kind of learns her lesson in what happens when you become big brother. It's a really tense, fun episode," Peterson said.

Big News: Death's Coming
Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has just revealed that a major character will die on the season nine finale of Smallville. We can guess all we want, but the choices can be narrowed down to three: Chloe (gasp!), Tess and Zod.

The only reason for the first inference is the fact that Allison Mack hasn't renewed her contract yet. Despite the many developments her character's set for, there's the possibility that her term ends soon.

Meanwhile, the other two could be doomed just because they're this season's villains. Zod's reign has to end sometime, and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) must go down with him.

Do you think anyone else is hitting their expiration date on Smallville soon? Rumor has it Lana's returning just for that, but no one has confirmed it yet. Any other suggestions?

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