'Smallville' Recap: The Blur Identity
'Smallville' Recap: The Blur Identity
Not minding my cheap attempt at a pun, let's continue with today's Smallville recap. We're all about uncovering secrets here, as "Charade" and the whole franchise is based on that simple, yet essentially convoluted, pseudo-equation: Clark Kent = The Blur = Superman.

Previously on Smallville: "Upgrade"

But somehow, Zod, who didn't even appear on the episode, gets thrown in there, making it: The Blur (Clark Kent/Zod) = Superman? Or something like that. Math and I don't get along that well anyway. Let's get back to the Smallville party, shall we?

Sacks' Shack
Ray Sacks returns after a short prison term and is welcomed home by friends and colleagues, not to mention Bunny-Lois in a gold bathing suit. That's not his only surprise gift that day though; he was just informed that one of his minions snapped a photo of The Blur.

Sacks has tried to expose The Blur's identity in the past, but Lois intervenes before he attempts the same thing once again. She starts a scuffle with Clark right in front of Sacks, causing both these reporters to lose their Daily Planet jobs, all while appearing on the paper's front page.

Well, that's it. Way to spoil the ending, Smallville. Sort of. What we're really just in for is a flashback and a non-linear narrative a la Quentin Tarantino. Less gore though.

Lois meets up with Chloe and tells her that she's getting ready to drop the L-bomb on Clark that night. Apparently, that L there also means "lies" because there are still so many secrets that these two keep from each other. Like Lois being in contact with The Blur.

A worried Chloe runs off to tell Clark about the big reveal, but there's a lot more to come before Lois and Clark's special night. First, there's the new Daily Planet editor Franklin Stein and his tough assignment. They have to cover the Ray Sacks story, and whoever does it best gets the last desk in the office. But we already know how that ends.

The Real Blur
In the hopes of writing that Sacks piece, Lois confronts the ex-DA and ends up in yet another sticky situation. The Blur saves her again, risking his identity to that random guy with a cellphone who's thanking Lady Luck right there. What's more important is how Lois somehow blurts out - using a bacon metaphor, no doubt - that she's still in contact with Other Blur, which upsets Clark.

He runs after Lois, finds her in the middle of calling Other Blur, and warns her of certain dangers. But she takes this the wrong way and thinks Clark is only after the story. A lot of drama ensues thanks to Lois' blind faith, and she leaves her boyfriend behind to save The Blur's secret.

After that fight, of course Clark pulls out his usual Run to Chloe for Help trick.

Sacks' Shack Take 2
And we're back to the beginning of the episode, where Bunny-Lois punches Clark in the jaw and miraculously survives it. As we expect, this is a mere distraction. She crushes that incriminating photo with her shoe and teaches me to never underestimate heels again.

Lois and Clark then walk out of the Daily Planet after losing their jobs, and they talk about The Blur again. Watching these two go back and forth over the guy's identity is getting frustrating, but imagine how Clark must feel.

Behold the Lord
It's Lois we have to worry about though, as she's in mortal peril yet again. We find out that Checkmate is still tracking down The Blur using a machine reminiscent of the one in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. Maxwell Lord (aka The Black King) is behind it all, and he's using memories to reconstruct an image of Clark's alter ego.

But he didn't have to wait long to see the real thing. The Blur steps in and destroys the machine, therefore saving everyone. Lois fights the urge to know his true identity, which is great for her character. At least she can stop being so nosy and let this one go.

1.    Maxwell Lord surrenders his power as the Red Queen takes him under her wing.
2.    Clark has to end the bromance with Zod, ever since Chloe revealed that he's been pretending to be The Blur.
3.    The Blur calls Lois to bid farewell, in order to keep them both safe.

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The episode ends in tears, with Lois and Clark at the point of breaking up. She reveals her secret but he holds back on his, despite the many hints he's already given her. It's doubtful they'll end it soon, and besides, Clark already said it. Not the L-bomb though, but this: "It all works out in some weird way."

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