'Smallville' Recap: Oh, the Betrayal
'Smallville' Recap: Oh, the Betrayal
Just like Lois went undercover on the recent episode of Smallville, I'm going under to cover today's recap of "Upgrade." Like her, there's plenty to uncover on this latest installment, especially because I don't regularly follow the show. Anyway, if you feel betrayed by the end of this article you needn't worry. Even Zod deals with stuff like that.

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So this episode marks the return of actor Brian Austin Green and his green heart, as he portrays soon-to-be villain Metallo. But here, he's still finding his ground.

Thanks to Tess giving him an "Upgrade," John Corben's been shifting between raging psycho and a ball of mush around Lois. We better break down the highlights, which in one way or another are forms of betrayal.

Lois and Clark
After being saved by Metallo from the explosion in Tess' lab, Lois wakes up to find Clark by her side. She doesn't tell him her whereabouts, and when he sees the scar on her arm he becomes ever more suspicious. Solution: secretly track down Lois.

Red Kryptonite
Now that he knows where Lois went, Clark heads straight to the source and finds himself in the midst of some red kryptonite, which is more strawberry-colored than we want it to be. Not exactly something you'd expect to see on Smallville. Anyway, Clark is then betrayed by his identity, turning into what Chloe calls "the bad boy every girl dreams of...in their nightmares."

Clark against Chloe
An infected Clark heads to Watchtower and finds out that Chloe has been planting weapons all over the city, in order to destroy the Kryptonians. That is, including him.

He believes that she worked with Oliver to construct his downfall, causing Clark to strike his friend to the ground. He also left quite a burning "S" on the Watchtower wall, but it wasn't as bad as that contemptuous smirk he had for Chloe.

Zod and Clark
After Zod's giant fireball of doom towards Corben, Clark flies in, meets Zod, and is met with a huge revelation. He finds out that saving the tyrant's life is what gave the guy his powers. But they team up anyway.

The Lady on the Bus
First, Lois finds Corben. Then Lois helps him. Then he ups and leaves Lois when some lady on the bus tricks him into helping her with her luggage. It's one of Tess' minions, sticking that nasty computer chip on his neck. Like Clark saving Zod, that's just what you get for acts of kindness.

Team Tess and Chloe
As Chloe digs deeper into the sudden angst of Clark, she finds herself in Tess Mercer's lab. After a series of banter and inside jokes I can hardly keep up with, they find out that the boys they're looking for are working together, forming some sort of bromance. If Zod and Clark succeed, the secret of the Kryptonians will be revealed.

But Lois is also hot on Tess' trail, so she walks right in and confronts her. Chloe then sneaks up behind her friend and a few seconds later Clark's lady love is lying on the floor, unconscious.

Trip to The Fortress
With a snowstorm in Seattle brewing, we're better off witnessing the big showdown in the Fortress of Solitude. Clark whines about his daddy issues while Zod consoles him, telling him that Jor-El should be revered. But in comes Metallo, sent by Tess and Chloe, to save the day.
Just think, some years from now he'll be one of Superman's great foes. But while he's on Smallville, he's rescuing Clark from Red Kryptonite without even waiting for a thank you.

Secrets and Rebellion
As the climactic battle ends, we find Corben trying to woo Lois with his many "you're the only one"s and "I'd want to disappear with you" lines. Can't imagine the actual Metallo doing that, but maybe we can blame the self-sustaining heart she got for him.

Meanwhile, there's some Zod and Tess villains-in-love action too, which is creepy but necessary. He finds out that there's a secret rebellion among his troops, which he remedies by making a blood pact with those still loyal to him.

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And on a final note to complete this trail of betrayal, Clark admits a big secret to Chloe. It wasn't just the red kryptonite, but he really likes having Zod as a brother. Also, those weapons they installed will eventually save the world after all. How convenient.

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