Smallville: Is Lana Lang Actually Dead?
Smallville: Is Lana Lang Actually Dead?
Last night's episode of Smallville, "Veritas," had a shocker of an ending that really left fans talking.  After a fateful run in with returning baddie Brainiac (James Marsters), Lana Lang was left with a scrambled brain that left her in a comatose state.  When Clark went to visit her in the hospital, she only had time to mutter that he was too late before she appeared to die right in front of him.  Clark (Tom Welling) fought back tears, closed her eyes, and the hearts of millions of "Clana" fans shattered into pieces.  Is Lana actually gone for good, or is there some way to bring her back to her old self?

This particular cliffhanger would have been much more effective if news of Smallville's season 8 contract negotiations hadn't recently come up.  Kristin Kreuk has officially announced that she'll be back for a number of episodes next season, so unless she returns as a robot or a clone, Lana won't be dead for long. This was simply a way to leave fans with their jaws on the floor for a few weeks, and if the reaction of the BuddyTV readers is any indication, the trick worked wonders.

lanasdagirl was furious, stating, "Smallville is over for me since my only reason for watching is Kristin.  Why was it necessary to make her character's exit so cruel?  They've just stabbed the Lana fans in the heart."

However, not everyone would be sad to see Lana go.  chlark4ever said, "Lana's not dead (unfortunately). This might sound a little cruel, but I laughed when we first saw Lana that way!  Then when Clark came, all those scenes with her in that condition and Clark being sad and crying and blah, blah, blah, I just looked on in disgust!"

Suden also doesn't believe that Lana is dead, but he believes it'll be a while before fans see her again. "Lana didn't die, though she certainly suffered a symbolic death," he wrote.  "It could be close to a year before we see her again, and her return will be as a guest star like Pete a couple weeks ago.  She will probably wake up to cause friction as soon as Clark gets serious about his new girlfriend."

While Lana most likely isn't dead, it's unknown how long it will be before she wakes up and makes a return appearance.  Will you still watch Smallville even if Lana Lang isn't around?

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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