'Smallville' Fan Columnist: From Sleek to Geek
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: From Sleek to Geek
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Are you sick of all those masked men blurring their way in and out without so much as a hello or goodbye? Are you going to settle for anything less than the gold standard? His powers may impress you, but Booster Gold is no Blur.

In the latest episode, "Booster," Clark is met with a fame-craving hero who is out to outshine Metropolis' Man of Steel. Maybe it's time to take those glasses off.

The Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of

Start spreading the word; he's the next big thing! A little arrogant (okay, his ego's through the roof), Booster Gold sweeps in and saves the day but instead of vanishing from the scene, he stops for the cameras. Well there's something new, a hero you can see. Hm... what ever happened to Green Arrow? Doesn't matter, Booster's here now and he's beating the Blur to all the saves.

Now our Clark isn't jealous ... no ... not one bit. But there is something screwy going on here. It's as if this new hero knows when and where to be to save the day.

The Suit Doesn't Make the Hero

Booster may be shiny in his fancy hero outfit but he's no hero -- at least not where he comes from. The new golden boy is nothing but a fallen football star from the 25th Century who has "borrowed" a Legion Ring to steal Clark's place in history. Doesn't he know time travel isn't a thing you want to mess with?

By beating the Blur to saving Jaime Reyes, Booster has altered history because now the highly classified weapon belonging to Kord Industries has found itself a new home in young Jaime, making him the Blue Beetle instead of Ted Kord.

Well we all know Booster can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk? Caring more about receiving the key to the city than keeping up his end of the bargain to recover the scarab for Kord, Booster basks in the limelight. That is until the Blue Beetle attacks. Jaime may be a lovable dork but the suit has a mind of its own.

With an iconic super-change in a phonebooth, the Blur is ready to save the day, but will he have to? Booster's ego finally subsides as he becomes a real hero, giving Jaime the strength to believe himself and beat the suit's control over him.

We Can Make This Work

The time is coming for the Blur to step out of the shadows and into the light, but our hero needs to tone down his alter ego. And boy does he. Only Clark can go from sleek to geek in a day. One has to wonder why he never took up acting.

Bumbling all over the place must not have been easy, especially with Booster showing him up left and right, but Clark pulls off a convincing "invested fixer-upper". But has he taken his geek status too far? What will people think of Lois? Don't worry, Clark, there's a middle ground. And while you're figuring that out, you should take a note from Booster and find a better name for the Blur... "something super."

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