'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Seeds of Doubt
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Seeds of Doubt
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
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Look!  In the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's Uber Girl!  Power Girl?  Mega Girl?  The episode may be called "Supergirl" but we can't give her that "Super" title before our Man of Steel gets his, now can we?  

Tonight's episode marked the return of Clark's super-powered cousin, Kara-El.  But this family reunion isn't all hugs and laughs, although there are some LOL-worthy moments.  Darkness is afoot and our heroes are forced to face it head-on.

"Isn't That Your Cousin, Clark?"

Why yes, Lois, that is Clark's cousin. Now how are you going to explain Kara's flying around town, Clark?  Oh right, she was "infected" by the meteor rocks.  When Kara flies back into his orbit, Clark retreats into big brother mode, confronting her on putting her powers on public display.  However, he is taken down a peg when he learns Jor-El has sent her to Metropolis on a mission.  Ouch!  Low blow, Jor-El.  Sending your niece in to show up your own son.  Well Clark will not stand for this.  Kara may not think he's ready to face the darkness that is upon them but Clark is not so easily convinced.  

"Humans Are the Best Architects of Their Own Undoing"

Gordon Godfrey has hit the big time with his "pot shots" at Metropolis' vigilantes.  Lois chose the right moment to reunite with her partner.  Clark needed the reassurance that staying in the shadows is still the right decision.   But the doubt is still there and it is what Godfrey (or should I say Darkseid?) feeds on.  Planting these seeds of doubt in the public eye, Godfrey sets out to bring the vigilantes to their knees.  But it won't be that easy, not if Lois Lane has anything to say about it.

When Godfrey lets Lois in on his plan to out Green Arrow as Oliver Queen, she makes it her personal mission to protect her ex-boyfriend's identity.  In classic Lois-style, we get another costume added to her closet of disguises.  Posing as Godfrey's chauffeur, Lois drives him to Maxwell's Club Desaad where she suits up in a dominatrix outfit and seduces him into a position that'll discredit anything he publishes.  Oh Clark has no idea what he's in for when they finally consummate their relationship.  Lois may have successfully sent the pictures into her editor but Godfrey has other plans for her.

Do you think Oliver made the right decision to step out of the shadows and announce to the world he is Green Arrow?

"There Is Darkness In You and Great Power"

Clark may have gone splat in his flying lesson (he's getting there, he was flying for a second) but he is determined to beat this darkness, despite Kara's insisting otherwise.  Darkseid feeds on doubt and only the pure-hearted can beat it.  Clark, maybe you should listen to your cousin on this one, maybe you're not ready.  Guess he didn't hear me.  After he and Kara track down the dark spirit that had been released from the portal when the Kandorians were transported to another world using their super-hearing, they rush to Club Desaad to save Lois.

Wow.  Godfrey doesn't mess around.  Since he can't overtake Lois' pure-of-heart body, he ties her up in a Cirque du Soleil-esque contraption.  He soon discovers his plan to lure one of the vigilantes to him has worked.  Sensing all the doubt and darkness in Clark's heart, Darkseid is seconds away from overtaking our hero when Kara risks her soul and intercepts.  That was a close one.  Thank goodness Kara's pure-heart repelled Darkseid off...for now.

"It's Easy For People to See the Powers and Not the Person Behind Them"

Kara has saved the day!  Clark may have been the one to get Lois out of her bindings but he must let Kara take the credit to protect his secret.  Aw Clark, it's all right.  You'll get to take the credit soon enough.  With a little insight into a hero's life from Kara, Lois once again provides the reassurance Clark needs.  "The Blur is different.  He's my hero."  You're my hero too, Clark!

I see glasses!  And on a member of the House of El no less.  While one hero puts on a disguise, another takes his off.  Kara might have adapted a new persona to keep out of the spotlight but Oliver has decided it is time for him to step out of the shadows.  Calling a press conference, Oliver announces to the world that he is Green Arrow.  Well we have one hero out of the closet but will the public accept Metropolis' most eligible billionaire bachelor turned hero with open arms?  Or has Godfrey's seeds of doubt taken root?

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