'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Questions of Trust
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Questions of Trust
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Mirrored realities.  Alternate realities.  Clark Kent has just about seen them all.  But what about virtual realities?

As our heroes find their way through a Matrix-like world in the latest episode, "Collateral", they are forced to deal with festering trust issues brought about with the return of their friend, Chloe.

"Do You Trust Me?"

When you materialize through a wall, trust is not the first thing to be granted.  Chloe may be back to help Clark, Oliver and the rest of the gang who had been captured at Carter's funeral, but with flashbacks of her "experimenting" on them, not all our heroes are willing to blindly trust her.   While we're still waiting to learn what that glowing pyramid was that took down everyone, including Clark, Chloe explains to Oliver that the government has their minds trapped in a virtual world and the only way to escape is to jump through the world's portal which is just above the ground in front of the Daily Planet.  But if they don't truly believe the world they're in is fake, they will die.

Meanwhile, Dinah may have lost faith in Chloe but Lois and Clark refuse to completely believe Chloe's gone rogue.  In true Lois-fashion, she trusts Chloe had a good reason for leaving and is back, trying to help them.  Clark, however, wants to trust his old friend but when it comes down to it, he can't make the jump with Chloe and Oliver without an explanation of Chloe's absence.

"I Did What I Had To"

Never underestimate our little blonde heroine.  Our tech-wiz pulled a fast one and blackmailed her captors.  With Rick Flagg and Deadshot now reporting to Chloe, the Suicide Squad is now a maintained threat.  For the time being, anyway.  With Oliver back in the real world, Chloe re-enters the VRA's virtual reality.  "One down, five to go."  Pulling out some Matrix moves, it isn't hard for Chloe to convince the distrustful Dinah this world isn't real.  We are left to assume Chloe was also able to convince the other captured heroes.  With minutes on the clock, there is only one person left - Clark.

You have good reason not to trust her, Clark.  She's been gone a long time and you don't know why but you have to do it this one time.  With an inspiring speech from Lois, Clark is able to truly believe that world is fake.  "Clark Kent's heart is usually right."  You have to trust your gut, Smallville.

"I've Always Believed You Can Do the Impossible"

Oh snap!  Trotter is back.  Knocking Chloe out and ordering her men to take over her avatar, Trotter prepares to take Chloe to a secure location.  While the Suicide Squad, with the aid of Green Arrow, comes to Chloe's rescue, Lois must keep Clark from believing the hijacked virtual Chloe's lies.  "I believe in you."  And with that we have lift off!  You read right!  With a bit of faith, trust, but no pixie dust, Clark Kent has taken flight!  With Lois in his arms, they enjoy their first flight over Metropolis before soaring through the portal and back into our world.

While issues of trust may still linger on beneath the surface, our gang is back together in the same plane of existence.  Chloe has managed to get back in the good graces of her comrades; she even gets to be the Maid of Honor.  And, once again, all is right in their world.  At least for now...

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