'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Faith Kept and Lost
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Faith Kept and Lost
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
A Halloween episode where no one gets possessed?  Now that is refreshing!  No zombies, no vampires, no witches - just some good old children of the corn.  

In the latest episode, "Harvest", Lois, Clark and Tess all learn a lesson in faith as the dynamic duo face off against a misguided Amish community while Tess struggles in curing little Alexander.

"This Earth Girl Can Take Care of Herself"

Oh Clark, you just had to go the overprotective route, didn't you?  When Clark takes Lois out of the city to distract her from covering the Vigilante Registrations Act rally, Lois is not pleased to have been chalk-blocked.  And when their car blows two tires, Lois opts to stay with the little Amish girl, Charlotte, who finds them, while Clark walks two miles into town for a new tire. Lois, you shouldn't be so trusting of little girls in bonnets.  Sure enough, when Clark returns, Lois is nowhere to be found.  But uh oh!  When Clark puts the new tire back in the trunk, he cuts his hand and starts bleeding.  Something strange is afoot.  Blue Kryptonite anyone?  

Things are not looking good.  Clark has no powers and it is revealed that their car misfortune was no accident.  A severely misguided Amish community, who have been drinking Blue Kryptonite polluted water, makes it an annual ritual to sacrifice a woman in belief that it will bring them good crops. And guess what, Lois?  This year, you are the chosen one.  Finding themselves trapped in a room together, Lois and Clark think fast on an escape route.  Finding a trap door, Lois picks the lock while Clark changes into a more suiting disguise.  "Why are we never some place romantic when he takes his shirt off?"  My thoughts exactly, Lois.

Oh snap, they nearly made it!  Lois' nail polish giving her away, the two must make a run for it.  But, of course, they do not make it very far.  Lois is carried away as Clark receives a slash to the gut and is left to die.  How many times must this man die?!  But alas!  Our hero is never dead long as we see his hand shove through the dirt piled on top of him as the town Sheriff walks far enough away for the Kryptonite effect to wear off.  Clark makes it to the ceremony in time to shield Lois from the Blue Kryptonite infested flames.  Seeing her man heal, Lois turns the misguided beliefs against the Amish to scare them far enough away for Clark's powers to return and once they do, he superspeeds them to safety.

"He Is Lex Luthor"

Lois and Clark may have their hands full with a Ku Klux Klan children of the corn, but Tess is facing a villain far worse.  Alexander has aged four years in the last two weeks and through his nightmares it is quite apparent that he has Lex's memories of Clark and who he is.  Realizing he is a lost cause, Tess orders all research for a cure to be destroyed and for Alexander, who now wants to be called "Lex," to be locked away.

Destiny Falling Into Place

Every episode this season has had quite the ending and this is no exception.  Clark, apologizing for being overprotective and thanking her for saving his life, gives Lois Dr. Swann's journal to help fill in any gaps on his Kryptonian side.  Wanting her to know him completely, without any secrets, Clark woos the love of his life into bed.  I think you know what happens next.  But is life really that perfect in Smallville?  Given that our rapidly aging Lex clone has shaved his head, I'd say not.

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