'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Brains vs. Brawn
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Brains vs. Brawn
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
THIS IS SPARTA! I mean Krypton! Either way, prepare yourself, because it's a fight to the death. This round we have Clark Kent up against ... Oliver Queen? There has to be a catch here somewhere.

The latest episode, "Dominion," marks the return of Zod, and it's safe to assume Clark won't be happy to see his twice-defeated foe again.

This Is My World

We've seen Phantom Zod and we've seen Clone Zod. Well, put those two together and you get General Zod in the flesh. When Slade is found back on Earth, Clark takes a trip to the Phantom Zone to investigate. Only a member of the House of El can open the portal. Oliver hops along for the ride, and he and Clark soon find themselves trapped in the Phantom Zone with no way out. Someone has removed the crystal from the gateway.

Now if Zod has a way out, why is he sticking around? The Phantom Zone isn't exactly a luxury resort. Looks like someone's made a deal with the devil -- or should I say Darkseid. Yes, Clark, this was a trap to get you out of the Dark Lord's way. Better think fast, because Zod's looking for a fight to the death and you only get one free pass.

Being a Hero's Wife Means Never Accepting Defeat

Being a hero may mean having to sacrifice yourself for the greater good but not without checking with your better half first. Tess may be under Clark's orders to destroy the gateway to the Phantom Zone if he's not back within a few hours, but Lois makes a convincing argument to change the game plan. No, she's not going to shoot Tess, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to save her soon-to-be-husband.

We're Here Because We Trusted Each Other

Ollie! NO! Don't let Zod get in your head! It's time for the big show: a fight to the death between our two heroes. We all know Clark will never kill anyone but what about the Omega-branded Oliver? After a few 300-esque moves, the fight comes to a head when Oliver stabs his friend straight through. Was that part of the plan? I'm not sure, but just as Clark had predicted, Zod stops the fight, wanting the kill for himself. I knew there was a plan behind the fight. Getting close enough, Clark grabs the crystal to the gateway and transports himself and Oliver back home, leaving Zod to rot in the Phantom Zone forever.

Looks like Lois was right to keep the gateway open, but the poor girl had to wait three weeks to see her man again. And yes, Clark, she did wait all that time for you. What else was she going to do? While our favorite couple is once again reunited with T minus two days until the big day, our other favorite hero embarks on another mission. Keeping his skull tattoo to himself, Oliver sets off to find the Bow of Orion in hopes that it'll cure him of the darkness. But is he too late? Has Darkseid gotten him? I don't know, a bleeding statue is not a good sign.

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