'Smallville' Fan Columnist: All's Fair in Love and War
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: All's Fair in Love and War
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
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Meeting the in-laws can make or break a relationship.  Lucky for Clark, he's already met the Lane clan.  But having General Sam Lane show up just as he's about have sex with his daughter does not make Clark look like the world's best boyfriend.

The latest episode, "Ambush", has Clark taking on the General, who has brought more trouble with him than just Lois' kid sister, Lucy.

Trouble On The Home Front

Let the family drama begin!  If finding himself on opposing sides on the Vigilante Registration Act (V.R.A.) with the General wasn't bad enough, being ambushed by a lip-locking Lucy definitely heightened Clark's frustration.  But what tops it all is not the General's impossibly long list of chores but the lack of backup from his girlfriend.  Lois, I know you want to keep the peace but Clark really needs you to back him up - he's being attacked from all ends!  

Back at Watch Tower, Oliver is dealing with his own frustration that comes in the form of Tess Mercer.  Now Oliver, she is only trying to help.  She's not trying to take Chloe's place.  If you lighten up you just might find that she has your back as she discovers that sub-dermal tattoo you didn't know you had.

Tracking the Enemy

What's that saying?  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?  Well the line between friends and enemies becomes a little blurred as Rick Flagg targets Sam Lane to kill the passing of the V.R.A. while keeping still tabs on our superheroes.  He may have Lucy fooled but Tess, Oliver and Clark are onto this devious member of the Suicide Squad.  When the General discovers photos Lucy had planted in the Kent barn of Clark with Kara, he orders a relocation to Lois' apartment sans Clark - leaving Lois in the middle, forced to pick sides.  So much for surviving the holiday unscathed.  But just because she chose to leave with her family doesn't mean she's given up on Clark.  Hearing his daughter stand up for the man she loves, the General's hard exterior softens as he and Lucy leave Lois at the Talon.

Meanwhile, Rick Flagg sets his "kill a Lane, you kill a mission" plan into play as he sets off a missile programmed to strike the tracking device he had Lucy plant on her father, only he left it in the Talon with Lois.  Within seconds the Talon is ignited in flame and the General is left to face any parent's greatest fear - but only for a split second because the Blur has saved the day yet again.  

Setting Things Right

All's well that ends well.  Rick Flagg may have pulled a vanishing act with the aid of his super-powered friend but the Lanes are safe and alive to see another day.  Now there are some fences that need mending.  Tess and Oliver make nice and become friendly as Oliver leaves Tess in charge of Watch Tower in his decision not to come back.  Now that his secret's out, he can't be seen at Watch Tower - not everyone has stepped out of the shadows.  

This isn't the first time Lucy has disappointed her big sister but at least this time she had good intentions.  While Lois may still be annoyed about the kiss, she understands Lucy was only trying to save their father by planting those pictures in the barn.  While the sisters reconnect, Clark has a heart-to-heart with the General, who has changed his view on the Blur.  Being a military man, he must trust America will do the right thing.  So his position on the V.R.A. hasn't changed but what about his views on Clark?  It turns out the list wasn't a test for Clark; it was a test for Lois.  "Those poor bastards, I put them through hell.  Lois never said a thing.  That's how I knew she didn't love them."  I'll take that as a seal of approval.  And so does Clark, apparently, as he stops the General to ask him something concerning his relationship with his daughter.  Unfortunately us fans don't get to know what that question is but we have a pretty good idea.  It turns out to be a good Thanksgiving after all.  But while the family enjoys a good home cooked meal, Rick Flagg declares war as the V.R.A. is passed.

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