'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Abandoned Souls
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: Abandoned Souls
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
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Things may go nuclear in Smallville but the nuclear family is nowhere to be found.  Everyone carries with them the ghost of a lost parent.  Even Clark, who grew up in the adopted nuclear Kent family, carries the ghosts of his Kryptonian parents.

In tonight's emotionally creepy episode, "Abandoned", our characters are faced with the losses of their pasts and must find a way to fill the voids left behind.

"Your Memories Are Just Holding You Back"

"They call her Granny Goodness."  More like Granny Creep-Me-Out.  Never trust an old woman with that smile; she'll just take your memories.  Taking in abandoned souls, Granny Goodness is forming an army of Kryptonite-fueled soldiers, which prove to be formidable foes for our heroes.  Lucky for Tess, she had been adopted out of St. Louise's Orphanage but not before Granny Goodness worked her memory-reformatting skills on her.  Flashes of memories haunt Tess' dreams which lead her and Clark straight into Granny Goodness' hands.  While Tess puts the pieces together with Granny Goodness, Clark is taken down and chained up by Mad Harriet and her sisters.  Uh oh, Clark, looks like Granny Goodness is going to try to take your memories and make you her soldier.

"The Thing About Being a Parent Is...It Doesn't End"

Bravo Teri Hatcher!  Bravo!  Finding a box of keepsakes from her mother, Ella Lane, Lois watches a very emotional goodbye tape.  Clark, you could have been a bit more supportive and watched it with her instead of dodging your daddy issues. "You can't let someone leaving you stop your future with someone else."  Finding the key to get to the Fortress, Lois takes it upon herself to thaw the cold war between Clark and his father.  When Jor-El keeps a silent front, Lois calls him out on his selfishness.  Dang Lois, you got balls talking to your future father-in-law like that!  Well "Mr. El" won't stand for that.  By the time Clark breaks free of Granny Goodness' tricks and discovers Lois went to the Fortress, Jor-El has her frozen under his control.  But Lois doesn't hold it against him once Clark breaks her free.  Instead, she insists father and son work things out.  Finally breaking his silence, Jor-El displays a hologram of his and Lara's last words to Kal-El before Krypton exploded, giving Clark the reassurance he needed from his father in his role on Earth.

Moving Forward

Moved in at last!  Saving her toothbrush for last to unpack, Lois and Clark are officially living together.  Putting their guilt of their losses behind them, Lois and Clark look forward to the future.  "Hurry up, Clark!  It's gonna start soon."  You got that right, Lois.  Little do you know, your boy has gotten a nice ring picked out for you!  

But not all is well in the town of Smallville.  As Granny Goodness falls in league with Desaad and Godfrey, completing the Unholy Trinity, Tess regains the last piece of her memory of who she really is - Lutessa Lena Luthor. 

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