Smallville Exec's Promise Huge Cliffhanger
Smallville Exec's Promise Huge Cliffhanger
Steve DeKnight is talking Smallville, and the talk is all about love triangles, mysterious Luthor projects coming to chilling fruition, and a mysterious figure from Clarke's past playing heavily in a Smallville finale that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  If that isn't enough,  our friends at are hinting that somebody might not be returning for season seven of Smallville, but we'll let them tell you about that.  In the meantime read on for the scuttlebutt concerning Smallville's  hotly anticipated finale.

DeKnight hinted heavily that things were definitely going to move in unexpected ways with Lana's pregnancy.  He didn't say what would happen, but he guaranteed that it would not be resolved right away (boo!).  Whether the pregnancy is at the core of it or not, DeKnight also reassures us that (yawn) the Lex, Lana, Clarke love triangle would definitely continue to evolve.  Funny, I thought it had actually begun to 'devolve' a while ago.

Lois fans will be happy to know that DeKnight is bringing her front and center for the mysterious 'Prototype', an episode that also focuses heavily on Lex and a secret project that he has been working on for some time.

As far as finale hints go, look for Clark to be taking on a character of mythical proportions, and that is all the hinting we are going to get but I can almost guarantee you if you visit our buddies at kryptonsite you are going to find out a lot more about that.

So who could be leaving? Care to venture a guess? Tom is out, for sure or there wouldn't even be a season four. Michael has already said he is leaving next season, so it probably won't be him.  Characters close to the core Superman mythology should be safe, but we'll see.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV
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