Smallville: Episode 8.15 "Infamous" Recap (Page 1/3)
Smallville: Episode 8.15 "Infamous" Recap (Page 1/3)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's been a long time since we've had new Smallville, so tonight the show returned with a bang thanks to special guest star Tori Spelling returning as tabloid reporter Linda Lake.  The last time we saw the show, Davis was still incubating at the Fortress of Solitude, Lana left again and Lex Luthor "died" again.

It's a wet day in Metropolis and Lois is furious that Clark forgot to pick her up at the airport. Tom Welling looks totally different with wet hair and it really works for him. Smallville needs more scenes of Clark stuck in the rain or coming out of a shower.

After Lois (Erica Durance) leaves, the fabulous Linda Lake shows up, forming out of a puddle. Clearly she's spent her time away working on her bad watery puns because they come pouring out of her mouth. She wants back in the journalism game by teaming up with Clark, who she knows is the Red Blue Blur.

She blackmails him to give her the scoop on everything he does as the Red Blue Blur or else she'll publish Clark's entire story, the tale of “little orphan alien.” Linda's awkward dialogue is bad enough, but Tori Spelling's “acting” certainly isn't helping matters. Still, it's one of those “so bad it's good” performances.

Clark retires to the barn to complain about Linda's return to Chloe (Allison Mack). While Chloe wants to kick some watery butt, Clark decides the best strategy is to just come out of the closet to the entire world. Chloe isn't sure people will accept him, but he still wants to do it so he can be himself.

He goes to the Daily Planet and makes up with Lois by asking her to write his story. He tells her that he's the Red Blue Blur, and she just laughs. I probably would, simply because if you say “Red Blue Blur” 10 times fast, it starts to sound really ridiculous. After some bickering, he proves it by lifting up an entire desk with one hand.

Lois is feeling a mix of wonder and shock, emotions made more complex when he tells her that Chloe and Lana have known for years. He lists off some of his powers, but she's concerned about the ability to see through solid objects.

She doesn't know how she missed it, wondering if she's been high this whole time. If so, that's a show I wish we'd been watching. She writes a huge front page story about Clark being an alien from Krypton and the next day, everyone on the street cheers for him.

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