Smallville: Episode 8.5 "Committed" Recap (Page 1/2)
Smallville: Episode 8.5 "Committed" Recap (Page 1/2)
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Tonight’s episode of Smallville is about uncovering secret feelings of love. Is Chloe still in love with Clark? Are Lois and Clark soul mates? Why are these women so preoccupied with these losers when Davis Bloom and Oliver Queen are hanging around?

At Jimmy and Chloe’s engagement party, Lois gets drunk so she can cope with the fact that her little cousin is making a huge mistake. The alcohol does its job and drunk Lois stands on a stool and calls out the fact that Jimmy isn’t Chloe’s soul mate. I love drunk Lois, and it’s not just because Erica Durance’s cleavage feels like it’s attacking me. Clark saves the day with a nice speech. After the party, Jimmy and Chloe get ready for some post-engagement party sex when a mystery man shoots them with tranquilizer darts.
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The only thing better than drunk Lois is hung over Lois, and the next morning she is in rare form, trying to piece together why she’s sleeping in Clark’s living room wearing only his football jersey. He assures her they didn’t have sex, and the two go back the Metropolis to check on Chloe.

Chloe’s abandoned apartment is ready for a sexy evening, complete with fuzzy handcuffs, which Lois seems all-too-familiar with. Lois checks the answering machine, where she learns she drunk dialed her cousin to sing the praises of sweet Clark. The next message is more helpful, informing the duo that Jimmy and Chloe never came home.

Clark and Lois try to track down the missing couple, and when they learn three other couples have gone missing, Lois comes up with the genius idea to pose as a couple so the bad guy will kidnap them as well. Lois is pretty good and pretending, but Clark is very unconvincing. While fake ring shopping, Oliver Queen walks in and is surprised to learn of the engagement, which Clark and Lois must maintain for the illusion.

Tess isn’t too happy to learn the e-mail from her crystal thief is untraceable. Brightening up her day, Oliver is in her office to discuss business dealings. His real motive is asking Tess out on a date, which she agrees to after he flashes his 1,000 kilowatt smile. She didn’t stand a chance against his charm. That night he picks Tess up for dinner, but she has another plan in mind. She throws him a Kendo stick and the two fight while arguing about why he left her the first time they dated. The two work up a sweat, and this fight is pretty hot foreplay. Naturally, it leads to a sexy night in.

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