'Smallville' Aftergasm: Doomsday Brings the Best Season Ever
'Smallville' Aftergasm: Doomsday Brings the Best Season Ever
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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What more can you hope for in a mid-season finale than the heart-pounding excitement Smallville provided last night? In an episode filled with stunning returns, shocking revelations, and high voltage action, the only bad thing about it is that the next new episode of Smallville won't air until January 15, 2009.

That's eight excruciatingly long weeks until we find out what Doomsday has in store for his and Chloe's "honeymoon" in the Dark Fortress. Eight long weeks until we find out what else Lana will be up to and eight long weeks until we find out how a barely alive Lex Luthor got his hands on that wedding video.

This season, Smallville is outdoing itself. After season 7, creators Al Gough and Miles Millar left the show, and a huge cast shake-up saw Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum excised from the cast. By all accounts, season 8 of Smallville was supposed to be terrible, an awkward attempt to find its footing.

By some miracle, the exact opposite has happened. By introducing Doomsday as a season-long villain, the show brilliantly made the whole year compelling, moving the story forward at just the right pace and creating a real sense of excitement. I may not have seen the first few seasons, but I find it impossible to imagine they were better than this.

The return of Lana Lang was welcome because she wasn't a whiny girl who needed Clark to save her, she instead became a tough vigilante trying to find Lex on her own. And while that would be a big enough shock, the final moment of Lex watching the carnage while attached to a series of tubes keeping him alive was a real twist. The real question now isn't how he survived, but who's keeping him alive, and how did that person get a copy of the wedding video.

The Doomsday arc also jetted into high gear with the impressive reveal of Smallville's visual effects team blowing what I imagine is a large portion of their annual budget making Doomsday look as terrifying as possible. They did an amazing job, and on a show that typically does cheesy laser light shows in the Fortress, I wasn't prepared for this alien creature to look so scary.

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Best in Show

Best Quote: "Maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang just weren't meant to end up together." - Lana, performing the final twist of the knife in the hearts of all those Clark and Lana 'shippers hoping they'd still wind up together

Best Scene: The Cloverfield Opening. Sure, the whole look and feel of the video footage that opened the episode was very reminiscent of Cloverfield, but that didn't make it any less cool. Much like I did when I saw Cloverfield in the theater, I found my heart racing during the opening of Smallville as I tried desperately to get even the slightest glimpse of Doomsday. I tried looking into my TV, around the corner to see what was just off camera. I was instantly hooked, which is the sign of a truly great teaser.

Best User Comment
: "Funny how you learn to appreciate what you had once it's gone. Who knew." - Bkwurm1, commenting on the surprising fact that Lana was a welcome return, even for some fans who didn't like her back when she was on the show

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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