'Smallville' Spoilers: Season 8, Episode 20 - "Beasts"
'Smallville' Spoilers: Season 8, Episode 20 - "Beasts"
Davis phones Chloe to tell her that some people have tried breaking in to her apartment. He says that he is "holding them here." Chloe implores him to release them, but Davis says that if he does that, they'll go to the police.

From Krypton Site:
-Chloe is having Davis nightmares.
-Davis calls Chloe and tells her that he is holding the men who tried to rob his house. If he lets them go then they'll run to the police. He agrees to let them go as soon as he and Chloe leave Smallville.
-One of the thugs that Lois halted in Stiletto turns up dead in a dumpster, leading Clark to believe that Davis/Doomsday didn't die in "Eternal.
-Two detective ask Chloe about her relationship with Davis. She says they're just friends.
-Jimmy confronts Davis and gets backhanded into a wall. Later in the episode he apparently holds Oliver hostage.
-Chloe makes a decision that will change her relationship with Clark forever.
-Oliver and Jimmy form a bond.
-Lois does not appear in the episode.

According to TV Guide, Lois' Beauty and the Beast fantasy turns into a nightmare.

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Source: Kryptonsite, TVGuide, Entertainment Weekly, E!Online

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