Exec-Producer Kelly Souders Wants a 'Smallville' Season 10, Do You?
Exec-Producer Kelly Souders Wants a 'Smallville' Season 10, Do You?
Smallville is certainly on its way to becoming the longest-running show on The CW's current line-up, and it's not stopping there.  As though the series itself had superpowers, it's refusing to end and is getting ready for yet another season.  When executive producer Kelly Souders was interviewed by EW's Michael Ausiello, she spilled the beans.

Despite a slight drop in ratings due to the show's move to Friday nights, Smallville is slowly proving it's as strong as its protagonist.  "We are really, really pushing for season 10," Souders told the publication.  "We really hope it happens."

The shift in schedule didn't hamper Souders' hopes in preparing for another installment of Smallville though.  She says the fate of a season 10 will be in the hands of die-hard fans.

"[I]f people keep tuning in and telling their friends about it, I think [a 10th season] is quite likely," she said.

However, the second half of this season is far from over.  The writers of Smallville have only just begun mapping out the end, but none of them are sure if it's going to be a finish to the season or the series itself.

"It's something that we faced last year, too," Souders revealed.  "To try and break two different endings for a season kind of puts you at cross-purposes a little bit.  For one, you'll rev things up, and for another, you're trying to bring everything to the finish line.  But we're really planning on breaking a season finale and not a series finale."

Ideally, however, the end of Smallville would be seeing Clark (Tom Welling) in his iconic garb and finally taking on his destiny.  But the series, as Souders says, is really about his path to becoming the hero we all know.  With that, how can the show possibly wrap up?

Kelly Souders admits she "can't make any promises."  But if ever they're thinking of putting the actual finished product of Superman on the small screen, "it would be at the very end."  When that will be, however, no one knows yet.  Maybe on a season 11?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW.com
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