'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Turning a Blind Eye
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Turning a Blind Eye
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie face another evil foe. He meets her sister, Jenny. Abbie confides in Ichabod about what drove a wedge between her and her sister. And Abbie is forced to face the consequences of decisions she made many years ago.

Sweet Dreams

It looks like Ichabod is not going to be the only one plagued by visions and symbolic dreams. This week's episode has Abbie being called down to the police station by Captain Irving in the middle of the night. Ichabod is questioning a suspect. A forensic psychologist tells Abbie that the suspect's defense is going to be an insanity plea. She claims the girl is smart and knows exactly what she's doing.

Ichabod becomes more irritated and demands to know why the girl is deceiving them. He moves and the person he's questioning is a teenaged Abbie. She asks what is going on and Irving tells her that Ichabod caught her. She asks if she did something wrong, and Captain Irving tells her he thinks she knows the answer to that question.

Abbie enters the interrogation room where Ichabod now sits, and his eyes have no pupils, leaving them milky white. He tells Abbie to stop lying and that the truth will set her free. He disappears, leaving her locked in the room. She starts to panic, yelling to be let out, when a bald, albino creature with no mouth approaches her. Abbie awakens just as her phone rings.

The Whites of Her Eyes

She's called downtown, where a doctor is standing on a ledge threatening to jump but will only speak to Abbie. The doctor has her head turned away from Abbie, so you just know she's going to be the doctor from Abbie's dream. She starts talking about one of her patients. She says everything the patient saw was real and everything she told her she believed, but she lied. When Abbie asks the doctor who she's talking about, she says Abbie's sister, Jenny. It's at this point her identity is revealed: she's got the creepy white eyes, and she tells Abbie she's had "this" coming for a long time and she deserves it. She utters a cryptic "we all have" and then jumps.

When Abbie recounts the condition of the doctor's eyes to Ichabod and Captain Irving, they take a closer look as her body is loaded into the ambulance. The paramedic says it presents as a massive cataract with no sign of trauma. All of a sudden, sand pours out from one of the eyes. This prompts Irving to order that no one is to see or go near the body until he says so. All of this just in the first six minutes.

Trials and Tribulations

Abbie confides in Ichabod about the doctor's cameo in her dream. He tells Abbie her dream was prophetic, warning her of an impending event. Ichabod says this isn't your standard suicide, which could have gone without clarification. He says this event pertains to the seven years of tribulations that they are both supposed to witness, I think. Truthfully, cramming a new supernatural baddie every week while constructing a larger, complex long-running storyline is tricky business.

Ichabod suspects that the creature in Abbie's dream might be the next soldier in the evil army. It looks like they'll be trickling into Sleepy Hollow one by one as opposed to en masse. Last week, it was a wicked witch, this week something less traditional and much creepier.

The Ties That Bind

Ichabod and Abbie go through all of the doctor's materials relating to her treatment of Abbie's sister. Abbie and Ichabod conclude that Jenny's doctor believed her but let her remain institutionalized because she feared what people would think if she admitted she believed the girl had seen a demon in the woods. Abbie thinks she was plagued with guilt and sought her out for some kind of absolution.

As much as Abbie wants to close the case, Ichabod reminds her of her dream and the doctor's eyes. She tells him the doctor's last words were that they all had it coming. Ichabod can't believe she is even entertaining the notion that this death doesn't have anything to do with her role as a witness.

Abbie questions that even if there is some evil minion after them sent by the blurry demon she saw in the woods as a child, what is its endgame, and what does it want with her? Ichabod believes the demon is trying to defeat her because it views both her and her sister as a threat. He says they need to go see Jenny.

When they arrive at the sanitarium, Jenny refuses to see Abbie, who is perfectly content to take no for an answer. Ichabod says that she should be able to force the issue since she's a police officer. Abbie says that wouldn't get them what they need. Ichabod offers to speak to Jenny alone. She urges Ichabod to ask Abbie about the details surrounding their experience together in the woods.

Staying Put in the Cuckoo's Nest

Ichabod tells Jenny about the death of her old psychiatrist. He asks her what she thinks could have killed the doctor. When she tells him it's time for him to go, he fills her in on the recent events in Sleepy Hollow: the headless horseman, the impending arrival of the other three, the beheadings of Sheriff Corbin and the reverend. Jenny says there isn't much she can do to help him because he knows as much as she does. Ichabod asks her to help him fight the horseman's army. She says, "It's all over but the crying," and her conscience is clear. Jenny tells him to ask her sister if she can say the same.

Not-So-True Confessions

Ichabod encourages Abbie to give him some deets regarding the bad blood between herself and her sister. Abbie tells him that the day they saw the white trees and the demon in the woods, they fell asleep. When they woke up, it had been four days and people were out searching for them. Abby's sister told the police everything they had seen, but Abbie refused to corroborate her story. This confession is neither surprising nor does it make Abbie as detestable as her sister made it seem.

Ichabod says Abbie is still frightened to admit that she turned her back on her sister. Ummm, I think that's exactly what she just did. And with that freaky boogeyman floating around, I'd say she has good reason to be scared. Look what happened to the good doctor after she sold Jenny out.

The Sandman

Abbie and Ichabod decide to go visit the rancher who found the sisters in the woods. Jenny told the police he saw the demon as well, but he denied it. When they arrive, the place is already crawling with cops, including Irving. The rancher has a gun and is holding his wife hostage. He wants to speak to Abbie. No surprise, he's got those crazy eyes. He tells Abbie the next time she falls asleep, "the Sandman" will get her and then he shoots himself.

After some researching, and the familiar flashback from Ichabod, Abbie and Ichabod discover the identity of their demon. The legend of this demon was told to children to encourage them to do right by their neighbors. Ichabod tells her they need to visit a Mohawk shaman. He is shocked that one might not be so easy to come by since the mass genocide of America's indigenous people.

The best Abbie can come up with is a Native American used car salesman. The man tries to blow them off, but Ichabod points out that if he turns his back on Abbie, he might be the Sandman's next victim. He gives her some special tea to drink, which will allow her to fight the demon on his own territory, the only place he can be defeated. Ichabod accompanies Abbie on her journey once they find out that dying in the dreamworld means you never wake up.

Abbie figures out that the only way to save her life is to admit that she lied and betrayed her sister. Abbie has a breakthrough and is miraculously not afraid anymore. I'm assuming she means of her past and what lies ahead in addition to the Sandman, who turns to a hardened substance that Abbie is able to shatter with a chair. Another lackluster death of a member of the evil army.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Abbie decides to try and make amends with Jenny but discovers her sister has disappeared. After fighting some formidable supernatural creatures, tracking down a human might be a nice change of pace for Ichabod and Abbie.

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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