'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: The Headless Horseman Rides Again
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: The Headless Horseman Rides Again
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, Andy Brooks returns and reveals a serious obsession with Abbie. The Hessian returns to town proving his existence to Captain Irving. And Abbie and Ichabod search for a way to defeat the Horseman.

He's baaaack. Even after last week's episode that was jam-packed with revelations, there's no rest for the righteous. Ichabod and Abbie have one cranky cranially-challenged Hessian on their hands.

The Regulars

As usual, the episode starts with a flashback to April 1775 and Paul Revere's famous ride. Only instead of "The British are coming," we see a man on horseback extend a warning that "The 'Regulars' are coming." It turns out someone else is there brandishing his broad ax and taking out men on horseback left and right. Just as he readies to separate another man from his head, the man yells to Paul, "They're here."

The Best Laid Plans

Back in present day, Ichabod is trying to wrap his head around the haul of supplies Abbie has recently procured for him at the local big box store. She installs locks on the door of Corbin's rustic lakeside cabin. There is a method to her madness: she's preparing Ichabod for the possibility of having to bunker down for an extended period of time with the Horseman back in town. Now that the two men are no longer tied together, Ichabod is in a much more precarious position than he was before.

Abbie heads to the precinct for some weaponry and is intercepted by her ex-boyfriend and co-worker Luke. He appears to be having some trouble letting go and wants to at least be "friends." She agrees to have coffee with him the following afternoon. Someone is watching their interaction from a distance.

Later that evening as Luke walks down the street, someone calls his name from the alley. It turns out to be good old officer Andy Brooks. We haven't seen him since the show's second episode. Luke is understandably confused when Andy admits that he is indeed dead. Andy tells Luke to stay away from Abbie. He also says he's the only one who can protect her from "the end" during which all will die but a chosen few. Even though Brooks doesn't look so hot, he's more lethal than he appears.

Brooks basically breaks it down for Luke that there's a war going on that he won't see or hear until it's too late. He explains there are others like him in Sleepy Hollow who are watching and waiting. Officer Andy says the time will come when Luke will have to pick a side, and he trusts Luke will make the right decision. After that cryptic interaction, officer Andy disappears.

Ichabod goes to meet with his Freemason brethren to strategize on how to put the Horseman out of commission. When Crane arrives, the house appears empty, but he hears sounds coming from another room. With a sword conveniently at the ready, Crane prepares to meet his nemesis. He doesn't know this for sure, but Abbie does. She's just arrived and can see the Hessian and Ichabod through the windows, and they are on a collision course.

Ichabod discovers a few dead Freemasons laying around. Abbie enters the house, and the two of them watch through a window as the Horseman disappears into the night.

Keeping Secrets

Irving shows up at the crime scene, and Ichabod explains the victims were all Freemasons. For 500 years, the members of this fraternity have been secretly fighting evil. This particular batch got their heads stolen for their trouble. Irving tells Abbie the cover story is ritual suicide.

Crane frantically searches for information the Masons told him they had that would help them defeat the Horseman. He discovers a book, but the pages have conveniently been cut out. After spotting a slashed portrait of George Washington, Ichabod realizes why the Horseman sought out the Freemasons. This boys' club is the guardian of artifacts for the side of good. The Horseman assumed his skull was in their possession. He's back to get his head and hasten the end of days. Ichabod says they must retrieve and destroy it.

Abbie and Ichabod tell Captain Irving they need to destroy the Horseman's head, which also happens to be police evidence. Ichabod assures Irving that people will continue to die until the Horseman gets what he wants. Irving says he sent the head to another lab. He tells them to stay put, and he leaves, presumably to retrieve the prize in an extremely grisly scavenger hunt.

Irving's Tale

Irving shows up at the Fish and Wildlife Services where a lab tech tells him what he's learned from studying the skull: no definable cell structure, no DNA marker, it's been scrubbed of any sign of life. Irving requests a to-go box for the head. The Horseman arrives having exchanged his ax for a machine gun. Go ahead, make his day.

Irving manages to escape with the head, and now he's really pissed off. All the surveillance videos at the lab cuts out, so Irving has no proof to back up his story. He has no idea how to proceed without sounding like a lunatic. Abbie tells him he got the proof he wanted, and he admits that he wanted everything she's been telling him to be a lie.

Not Even a Concussion

Abbie and Crane set about trying to destroy the Horseman's head, but it proves to be impervious to everything from a sledgehammer to explosives. Abbie decides they should go to a nearby junkyard and use a compactor to crush the skull. As they are leaving, Crane notices what looks to be four lit lanterns hanging in, from what I can understand, a parking garage. He says they weren't there earlier. He brings ups the famous story of Paul Revere, and Abbie questions that if one lantern means the enemy comes by land and two by sea, than what the heck does four mean?

Lost and Found

The lanterns are actually constructed out of the Freemasons' heads. Abbie notices the Horseman lined the skulls with silver. Ichabod says this trick was utilized by Revere to enhance the lanterns' illumination. Crane was present on this fateful night as it appears he was during every significant event that occurred during our fight for independence. He was guarding the safehouse where John Adams and John Hancock were "evading the risk," otherwise known as hiding.

When Crane alerts Adams that the British are coming by sea, he witnesses him giving Revere a document. It is a continuous manuscript kept by the Masons containing enemy secrets that could be used to defeat the enemy. There is a demonic heptagram on the manuscript, a star within a star. Both Crane and Abbie have seen this symbol in Corbin's files. Abbie says the symbol is used to entrap and defeat demons.

Ichabod questions why the symbol would be on a document containing enemy secrets. Abbie postulates that maybe these weren't secrets to the British. Ichabod says they were secrets for concrete evil and somehow makes the connection that the Horseman was present the night of Paul Revere's ride.

Crane tells Abbie Revere spoke of an enemy assailant who chased him on his ride to Lexington. Revere believed it was a cold-blooded mercenary working on behalf of the British. Ichabod is confident the Horseman was after the manuscript itself because it contains a secret about him, a weakness or flaw. They determine that after the Horseman's death, the document was probably updated, and that is what the Freemasons were going to show Ichabod before their untimely demises. 

Field Trip

Abbie and Crane head to a nearby colonial museum that holds the manuscript. This is a little confusing since I thought it had been declared that the Masons had it. Ichabod is privy to a tour and feels obligated to correct a litany of errors. One in particular being that the warning given on that fateful night was a discreet "The Regulars are coming."

Abbie drags an incensed Crane away and tells him that one of the curators told her the manuscript is on loan to a museum in London. But it has been uploaded online. Ichabod goes high tech, and despite an inherent lack of understanding, manages adequately. The text is encrypted, and Ichabod has to decipher the password.

Officer Friendly

Abbie heads down to the tunnels to call Luke and break their date. Who gets cell phone reception under those circumstances? She comes across officer Andy. He tells Abbie he's stuck, and he wants it to end, but he (presumably Moloch) won't let him. Abbie accuses him of selling his soul, but Andy swears he's trying to protect her. Andy tells her that she might not be able to kill the Horseman, but she can trap him. Andy doesn't know how, only that it's a secret he doesn't want out.

Upstairs, Crane discovers the password engraved on the back of the Horseman's teeth, Cicero. He finds Abbie in the tunnels with Andy. He wants him to deliver a message to the Horseman; if he wants his head back, he'll meet him at the cemetery when night falls. A town lousy with supernatural activity and there's only one cemetery?

Office Andy may be clueless as to how to trap the Hessian, but Ichabod has managed to translate the manuscript that just happens to contain the instructions. A witch has to be summoned who can transform moonlight into sunlight, the Horseman's only weakness. Short one witch, Abbie comes up with an alternative plan: using UV light to simulate the sun.

Setting the Trap

Ichabod meets the Horseman at the appointed hour and lures him into the tunnels. They divert his attention by scattering fake skulls throughout. Abbie holds the genuine item and uses it to get the Horseman into a chamber that has been outfitted with some high-powered UV lights. The Horseman is rendered helpless, for now.

It is nice to see Irving take on a more active role, and I hope it continues. I can't wait to see how Abbie and Ichabod manage to interrogate a prisoner with no head.

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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