'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: The Final Movement of a Symphony
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: The Final Movement of a Symphony
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and Ichabod aren't the only ones searching for Jenny. Ichabod comes across a powerful relic from his past. A shadowy figure reveals more of the master plan to unleash hell on earth. And the two of them learn the identity of one of their enemies.

Taking Liberties with History

Flashback to Boston Harbor on the evening of December 16, 1773. A group of Yankees dumped enough copious amounts of tea into the water as an act of rebellion against the British. The reason that the fledgling nation was thumbing its nose at its overbearing guardian across the pond: excessive taxation and no representation.

Or so the history books say.

According to the National Treasuresque bastardized history provided by Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane was on a mission; he was to "borrow" a crate and return it, and himself, to General George Washington in one piece. Guarded by a Redcoat who uttered a brief soliloquy about death before an explosion ended his life and put the cargo at peril.

Girl, Interrupted

Back in the present, Jenny Mills has escaped the local sanitarium. Abbie asks Captain Irving to keep Jenny's disappearance on the down-low in the hopes that she can locate her sister before involving the entire police department. Abbie is confident there is a method to her sister's madness, otherwise what's the reasoning behind breaking out a mere six months before she was due to be released?

Irving is skeptical that any inhabitant of such a facility thinks rationally. Abbie informs him that her sister's psyche report characterizes her as "disciplined and methodical." It's been evident from the beginning that Jenny is not cray-cray, a fact that was solidified in last week's episode.

Irving, who continues to question Ichabod's sanity and Abbie's judgement, feels the two did something to instigate or encourage Jenny's escape. Ichabod says he informed Jenny of the recent rash of murders in Sleepy Hollow and asked for her assistance in the investigation. First, Irving finds himself relying on Ichabod to solve crimes in his town and now Crane has invited another person of questionable sanity to join the team.

Abbie tells Irving that Jenny's escape is related to the "unusual" homicides that have taken place in Sleepy Hollow in recent weeks. She can't explain how, but she thinks her sister can. Irving gives them 12 hours before putting Jenny's face in every post office in the United States.

Another Player in the Game

It turns out Ichabod and Abbie aren't the only ones looking for Jenny. A man receives a phone call informing him of her escape and ordering him to retrieve her and "Item 37." He's told a clean-up crew will arrive to assist him, and they will have a list of her known associates. So now it's a race to see who can get to Jenny first.

More Backstory

Ichabod notices that when Jenny wasn't incarcerated, she was making journeys to countries all over the world, only to return to Sleepy Hollow. He is stumped as to why she would come back to a town that holds no obvious allure for her including family. A little more of Abbie's history is revealed when she tells Ichabod that she and Jenny's father bailed, and their mom suffered a nervous breakdown and was institutionalized.

A Dangerous Person to Know

Jenny has at least one resource on the outside: a bartender in a seedy dive. She retrieves from him a bag he was holding for her. This little survival kit includes two very locked and loaded guns. Not long after she departs, the mystery man and his crew show up and torture the man trying to extrapolate from him Jenny's whereabouts. His body is discovered, headless, but Irving can tell this isn't the work of the person who murdered the reverend or Corbin.

More Pieces to the Puzzle

Ichabod and Abbie receive a tip that Jenny was known to take off for a remote cabin situated on a lake. When they arrive, they quickly realize that the cabin belonged to Sheriff Corbin and that he and Jenny were very close. They are also confronted by Jenny, and both sisters are armed and in a stand-off, a situation Ichabod can only describe as "awkward." 

Ichabod is not only charming but also rules with a firm hand. He squashes the sibling rivalry temporarily. Sheriff Corbin's secrets aren't being well-kept now that he's dead. Abbie admits she had no idea her sister was close to Corbin. Jenny says he was the only one who believed her story about the demon in the woods. And those jaunts to exotic locales Ichabod mentioned were trips to excavate items for Corbin.

Jenny's presence at the cabin is one last errand at the bequest of the sheriff before his death. She was to retrieve a sextant, an item used to map sea travel. Ichabod recognizes some markings and realizes this was what was in the crate that night in Boston. Washington was desperate to acquire it because the rumor was it was a weapon that could cost America the war.

Ichabod claims to have devised the historical Tea Party as a diversion. He recalls the Redcoat guard, who happened to be a Hessian. After the explosion, he was the only one left alive. He saw a chest made of stone that protected it from the blast. He had the chest sent to Washington and that was the last he saw of it.

The sextant is actually a projector that displays an old survey map of Sleepy Hollow. It pinpoints the location of the chest covered with mysterious markings. Just when you think your brain might explode from the history/mythology, the mystery man with a penchant for sweater vests and his death squad show up, bombard the cabin with gunfire and take the sextant.

The Lesser Key of Solomon

The leader is left behind in the chaos, and Ichabod identifies him as a Hessian. The man is surprisingly chatty and quickly divulges that the chest contains the doorway to the seventh circle of hell where 72 souls wait (or wade) upon the shore of flaming sand. A flare for the dramatic, indeed.

The Hessian says that those fighting for the dark side in the battle of good versus evil are everywhere. It's unclear if they are all Hessians or a variety of demons and evil spirits or even just everyday Joes. Abbie pushes to find out who is the point man, for lack of a better term, helping coordinate this apocalypse. That nasty demon from the forest is in charge; he summoned the horseman. After blabbing like a teenage girl, the Hessian bites down on a cyanide pill and dies.

Ichabod uses his photographic memory to figure out where the box, which contains a book of nasty rituals, is hidden. The Hessian's brethren get there first and get the welcoming party for those insidious souls started. These bad guys are mortal and therefore vulnerable. A bunch of fighting ensues, and Abbie manages to grab the book. She throws it into the fiery pit of emerging demons, and Ichabod and Jenny throw the bad guys in for good measure. Once again, mankind is saved.

Abbie and Ichabod discover the name of the demon in the woods. Will this help them formulate a plan to destroy it?

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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