'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Ichabod Learns More About His Son
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Ichabod Learns More About His Son
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod reunites with Katrina with the help of Henry Parrish. Abbie and Ichabod try to piece together Ichabod's son's life. Another evil creature makes its way to Sleepy Hollow. And Ichabod and Irving receive ominous warnings.

Poor Ichabod has been having a tough time of it during his first few months in the 21st century. He's clawed his way out from underground, been shot at, put in an insane asylum, been poisoned by fellow members of his secret society, suffered from a deadly plague and found out his wife, Katrina, has been keeping more than her fair share of secrets. Her biggest to date, that she and Ichabod had a son.

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Breaking on Through to the Other Side

Abbie reassures Ichabod that Katrina must have withheld the information about their son from him for his own protection. Ichabod knows that Moloch has possession of his wife now and possibly their child, and one or both will play a role in the battle of good versus evil being waged now.

Ichabod is determined to contact Katrina to try and get some answers. He has called the sineater Henry Parrish for assistance, who claims what Ichabod desires is not within his power, but Ichabod calls him out. He says Henry was able to summon a man who died hundreds of years ago and bring him to Ichabod. Henry has the power to reach across realms. But, as we know, he doesn't always feel helpful.

After a little begging and pleading, Parrish agrees. He warns Ichabod that a mortal soul does not belong along the dead, and his life will be in danger. Henry tells Ichabod that by reaching beyond this existence, he'll be tempting fate, and he doesn't know what that might mean for Ichabod's future. Ichabod is determined, saying the consequences of inaction weigh greater on him.

Parrish tells Abbie this process will frighten her, but she must not stop him under any circumstances. He even suggests she make haste, but she's determined to stick by Crane's side, figuratively speaking.

Henry pulls some mojo and Ichabod finds himself presumably in Katrina's purgatory. She's not exactly thrilled to see him, warning that Moloch is near. Ichabod isn't overly concerned about the demon because Katrina has got some explaining to do. She says she would have told him sooner, but they haven't much time to play true confessions. Ichabod reminds her of their wedding vows. It seems that just because Katrina is under constant threat of Moloch and the Horseman, it's not a good enough excuse.

Katrina tells him their son's name is Jeremy, named for Ichabod's grandfather. She didn't know she was pregnant when she buried him in the cave. She learned of her condition while in Europe looking for a spell to unbind him from the Horseman. When she failed, she returned home to one angry coven. If she would not reveal where Ichabod was buried, they would condemn her to a fate worse than death.

She fled to Fredericks Manor where she knew she could safely give birth. She knew she couldn't keep him as long as her coven wanted revenge. Katrina did not want to condemn their son to a life as a fugitive. In order to protect Jeremy and give him a brighter future, she left him in the care of Abbie's ancestor Grace Dixon and her husband, Joseph, the pastor of a local church. She tells Ichabod that was the last time she ever saw their son.

Very powerful members of Katrina's coven banished her to purgatory. Ichabod swears to find out what happened to their son, defeat Moloch and free her from purgatory. That is quite a lengthy to-do list. No time to dawdle, especially when an angry monster busts up the reunion.

Don't Know Much About History

Now Abbie and Ichabod are on the hunt for any Crane descendents. Abbie suggests they check the historical society's records. Henry, demonstrating some definite OCD tendencies, is ready to catch his train. But this latest act plus his unlinking Crane and the Horseman, have Ichabod convinced that Henry should join the team. Abbie pulls the family card, pointing out that Henry has none to speak of just like her and Crane. She makes it pretty clear their cause is in danger if they can't rally some more troops. He decides to give them a few more hours of his time.

After some digging at the historical society library, Henry, Abbie and Crane find out that Grace Dixon died in a fire. There are accounts that the local townspeople were scared of Jeremy claiming they had seen him start fires just by crying. Ichabod interprets this news to mean that his son inherited Katrina's powers. Believing he was some kind of monster, Jeremy was sent to an orphanage. Unable to find the name of the institution where Jeremy was sent, Henry suggests they question the librarian, who he says knows more than she'll admit. Too bad her attempt to escape is thwarted when some evil creature flattens her and her car like a pancake.

One squished librarian doesn't slow the team down. They come across a box in the librarian's personal effects. On it is the crest of Kristina's coven, the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, and only a member would possess such an item, meaning the librarian was a witch. It didn't do her much good. Henry has a very visceral reaction to the box. When Ichabod opens it, Henry says it is full of anger, pain and death stronger than anything he's felt in years.

Ichabod finds a book with a sketch of a doll, one that Abbie saw when she saw Katrina. It's a more insidious looking version than the one Katrina constructed for her newborn. Henry says he thinks it belonged to Jeremy. He starts having visions of the orphanage. He tells Abbie and Ichabod that the priest who governed the orphanage had a dark heart.

One day, while beating Jeremy, the boy with the aid of the doll and a drop of blood created a big bad monster to protect him. Ichabod believes this is the creature that made very short work of the librarian. He also says he saw it in Katrina's purgatory and sensed its presence after he returned. So why not mention something like that sooner? Henry says he was worried that something like this might happen.

Abbie questions why this monster would kill the librarian. Ichabod thinks it is because she was a member of the coven that banished Jeremy's mother. Since there could be many other coven members still roaming about, Ichabod fears for their lives.

Evil Has a Plan

Off dealing with his own issues is Irving. He visits with a member of the clergy and questions what happens to the witnesses in the Book of Revelation. He tells Irving that will die as will their followers.

Irving goes to see his ex-wife and is talking like a man who knows his days are numbered. He gets some closure with the ex, and decides to spend some time with his daughter, Macey (Amandla Stenberg). She's in a wheelchair and apparently suffering from some sort of degenerative illness. While strolling through the park, Irving is approached by a possessed man who tells Irving God may have a plan, but "we" do too. Then his eyes do this Linda Blair roll back into the head deal.

The Golem

Henry uses a phrase that reminds him of something in Washington's Bible that relates to this creature. It is here that they figure out they are looking for a Golem, "a creature imbued with its creator's most ardent passions."

Among the items in the librarian's safe, Abbie sees a photo or a sketch of four women in black veils. They were also present when Abbie saw Katrina. Ichabod tells Henry and Abbie that they are "the Four Who Speak as One," the women who banished Katrina. The librarian, who saved ticket stubs from various carnivals, had been to see them on several occasions.

Henry says if the Golem has been made real and seeks revenge against those who hurt Jeremy, they'll be his next victims. Ichabod realizes that they may also be able to free his wife. So, now it's off to see the witches, who just happen to be at a carnival going on right near Sleepy Hollow.

You Never Really Bury the Dead

Ichabod, in the mood to kick a little butt, decides to confront the witches alone. Once they figure out who he is, they tell him that it was foretold his arrival would seal their fate. Taking some tokes off the old hookah, they are pretty chill with the fact that it is their destiny to die.

This puts a kink in Ichabod's plan, which was to offer to save them in exchange for them freeing Katrina. When he confirms that they will die at the hands of the Golem, they are more concerned that Ichabod found a way to travel between realms and, in doing so, repeated Katrina's mistake by altering the ordained path.

They proceed to tell Ichabod that Jeremy traveled with the Golem, and when they offered their help, Jeremy refused. The witches decided they both needed to be stopped. They couldn't destroy the Golem, so they improvised him in purgatory. Jeremy was immune to their power, his own having grown so great. They offered him a place in the coven, but he refused. Not ones to take rejection lightly, the witches invoked a hex that stopped Jeremy's heart and buried him.

Ichabod asks how to destroy the Golem. They tell him the only way is with his son's blood, and they tell him to run. The witches meet their "just fate."

Abbie asks if Ichabod found out how to destroy the Golem, and he tells her his son's blood created it, so his son's blood is what destroys it. How lucky that Ichabod is his father and therefore shares the same bloodline. After trying to reason with the beast fails, Ichabod kills it.

Ichabod has a brief but memorable run-in with Moloch. The bad news, we'll have to wait until January 13 at 9pm on FOX for Ichabod and Abbie to decipher his cryptic message.

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