[Video] 'Sleepy Hollow' Sneak Peek: A Plague Comes to Town
[Video] 'Sleepy Hollow' Sneak Peek: A Plague Comes to Town
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The crazy events in Sleepy Hollow just keep on coming. Abbie may have known something was weird from the events she witnessed as a child, but the oddities seem to have skyrocketed in number since Ichabod was awoken. In "John Doe," a mysterious child is found in town. After speaking with him, they realize this is much more than an normal missing child case. There's something ominous going on.

Check out the Sleepy Hollow promo video for "John Doe."

Abbie thinks that Ichabod looks good for being over 200 years old. The image of the shirtless Ichabod definitely supports her comments. Now, if he could only get some new clothes....

They find a boy "who looks like he stepped off the Mayflower." Could he have awoken from the past like Ichabod did? Or, is something else going on?

The boy, Thomas, is sick and they fear he is carrying the plague. He's put into a quarantine, but not before Ichabod gets infected. Can today's doctors cure this disease? They have to figure out something since I can't imagine that Ichabod would be killed off, right?

"John Doe" Sneak Peek

When the boy is found, he's speaking a language that only Ichabod knows. It's English from the Middle Ages. So, I guess he didn't come over on the Mayflower after all. 

The boys veins are turning black and doctors aren't able to diagnose the disease since it's not familiar to modern medicine. It's not in any medical database. The CDC comes to Sleepy Hollow and sets up a quarantine.

No one knows what the disease is or how it is spread. Is it a disease? Or, is it a curse?

Sleepy Hollow airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on FOX.

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