'Sleepy Hollow' Interview: EP Alex Kurtzman, Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood Tease Season 2
'Sleepy Hollow' Interview: EP Alex Kurtzman, Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood Tease Season 2
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
War has arrived in Sleepy Hollow and his presence will cause conflict and distress within the team on Sleepy Hollow season 2. This summer, Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman, Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood sat down with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss the challenges facing the team this upcoming season and the new bounty hunter coming to town.

Check out the video interview and highlights below.

Highlights from the interview: 

  • Irving begins season in a mental institution. He's separated from his family and it's out of his control.
  • Irving started as someone who thought he knew everything and he ended up not knowing anything. His daughter was possessed and he doesn't know what to do. He questions everything.
  • Season 1 ended with everyone in a horrible place, they didn't want it to be easy for the characters to get out. They want it to play out in an unexpected way.
  • Now that Jenny has people believing in what she said all those years, it's a relief for her. She's glad to have her sister back. Jenny did have Corbin before who believed her, but no one else did. Jenny's happy to have her sister back, but is worried she could lose her again.
  • The arrival of War will create conflict between the characters. They will have different views on how to go about solving the problem. That will affect everyone. 
  • There will be situations which will pull Abbie and Jenny apart because they don't agree on how to solve the problem. And their past will cause conflict.
  • Matt Barr is joining the show as a bounty hunter. Kurtzman says, "He's a wild card. They aren't sure they can trust him or not. He's a little Han Solo that way where he seems like a great guy, but you're never sure if he's really out for himself. The stakes are unbelievably high, so they may have to trust someone who's untrustworthy."
  • The connections between the characters are more important than any romantic entanglements. They need each other because they are isolated in this world with more bad guys than good guys. Romance "would have to be earned."
  • "They have a motto on the show that the demons are manifestation of character's inner view." They don't have random monsters. They each will reflect a challenge that the characters are having.
  • "People might say there are no rules, but that's actually not true. We have very strict rules, but once you know what the rules are, you can paint rainbows in between the lines." - Kurtzman.
Sleepy Hollow Season 2 premieres Monday, September 22 at 9pm ET on FOX.

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