ABC Will Bring Us 'Skating with the Stars' Soon
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
When ballroom dancing just isn't challenging enough, it's good to know that there is always ice skating. ABC has announced that a new program, called Skating with the Stars, will debut on the network as soon as the current season of Dancing with the Stars ends.

The new show, in which celebrities will partner with professional skaters to perform ice routines, is scheduled to begin airing on Monday, November 22 (according to a report from New York Magazine). Skating with the Stars will have a format similar to that of DWTS. Each week, contestants will perform during the Monday night broadcast and then will face elimination during a Tuesday night results program. The just-released schedule has Skating with the Stars taking Dancing with the Stars' Monday timeslot. The results will air on Tuesday at 8 PM, before No Ordinary Family.

Skating with the Stars will have a short first season, with new episodes airing only between November 22 and December 21. ABC has not yet released any casting or judging information, but it's a safe bet that we're likely to see a familiar group of mid-range celebrities.

There have been rumors about ABC's new skating show for the past year, first surfacing during a period of decreased ratings in the fall of 2009. The new project will be a joint venture between ABC and BBC Worldwide Productions, just as Dancing with the Stars is.

If any of this seems familiar, you're probably having flashbacks to 2006's Skating with Celebrities. This reality program, which aired on Fox, featured a crop of celebrities desperately trying to stay on their feet throughout the performances. The show was not a success and only lasted for a single season.

Let the speculation begin! The announced schedule only allows for five episodes of Skating with the Stars, so the celebrity pool is likely to be smaller than we're used to on DWTS. And fairness dictates that we keep the figure skaters out of the celebrity competition -- look for other types of athletes mixed in with the singers and actors instead. The skating contestants' names will be announced during the Dancing with the Stars broadcast on November 2.

Whoever ABC chooses, they'd better hope for some skating skills. It's going to be a painful run otherwise.

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