'The X Factor' Roundup: A Rumored Love Connection, a Pissed-Off Simon Cowell and a Taylor Swift Performance
'The X Factor' Roundup: A Rumored Love Connection, a Pissed-Off Simon Cowell and a Taylor Swift Performance
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It looks like things are about to get interesting on The X Factor thanks to a special musical guest, the new ranking system and sparks flying between two contestants. Read on to find out more. 

Taylor Swift' Performs on The X Factor

According to PerezHilton.com, the 22-year-old pop sensation will be gracing the November 15 results show, where she is expected to perform "State of Grace" from her new album Red. Swift, whose latest album has already sold 1.2 million copies in the U.S. during it's  first week of release, recently won three awards at the MTV EMA in Frankfurt, including Best Female Act, Best Live Act and Best Look.

Love is in the Air on The X Factor

PerezHilton.com has also reported that sparks are flying between Lauren Jauregui, a member of Fifth Harmony, and Keaton Stromberg, a member of Emblem3. Both of which are under Simon Cowell's wing. According to a production insider, the couple has been keeping their relationship under wraps, adding, "whenever they're at the house, they are always hanging out together. [They] are getting closer and closer."

Simon Cowell Reacts to Contestants' Ranking System 

Last week's results show revealed that country singer Tate Stevens dominated the top 12 remaining acts of season 2. Cowell, on the other hand, appeared to be shocked by the results. 

"I thought my acts were doing much better than what was revealed tonight, so we do have to change a few things up," he said in a post-show interview with journalists. "My acts are going to need a big confidence boost. Sometimes when you have a record out, you think you're going to go in at No. 1 but you go in at No. 8. So your second record has to be better. That's how I treat it."

Cowell revealed that he suggested to implement the ranking system about three or four weeks ago. "I said what might be interesting is the one thing everyone wants to know -- including me -- every week, is who won," he explained. "So I said, 'What if we just tell everyone, then see what happens?'"

"Certainly it's the right thing to do this week because now we know where we stand," Cowell added. "Particularly for someone like Beatrice Miller, and perhaps Arin Ray, who may have been thinking they were doing much better than they were. They have to change their game plan now. I don't think we can bring anyone else back. But the ranking thing is something we will consider week on week... And it has pissed me off."

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