'Shedding for the Wedding' Review: Don't Let Them Eat Cake
'Shedding for the Wedding' Review: Don't Let Them Eat Cake
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Shedding for the Wedding, the CW's new weight-loss competition premiering tonight at 9pm, is coming along at just the right time. After the cultural abomination of Bridalplasty, this show, also about people competing to change their bodies and win the perfect wedding, can only appear sophisticated by comparison.

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Hosted by Sara Rue, a woman who knows a thing or two about weight loss having shed 50 pounds as Jenny Craig's new spokeswoman, Shedding for the Wedding finds nine engaged couples competing to lose weight and win their dream wedding. Each week they compete for individual parts of their wedding (the dress, the cake, etc.), but they also have weigh-ins where the bottom two couples go head-to-had to stay.

The cast includes a few duds who want typical fairy tale or Hollywood glamour weddings, but the show really shines with some of the less traditional couples. Lindsey and Chase, aka Team Greek Week, want a frat-themed wedding, complete with a beer pong table (but monogrammed, to make it "classy"). Gamers Taylor and Peter want to recreate their online Final Fantasy world for their ceremony.

While the show may be better than Bridalplasty, that's faint praise. For some of these couples, the truth is that they don't necessarily need this show. Several of the pairs have a combined weight less than most Biggest Loser contestants. The women may want slimmer bodies to fit into the perfect wedding dress, but at their current weight, some of the contestants on Shedding for the Wedding seem perfectly normal.

But if you don't suffer to squeeze into a size 2 wedding dress, then I guess the marriage is invalid. So Shedding for the Wedding helps teach marginally overweight girls that they shouldn't be happy with their bodies. At least that's my takeaway from watching the show.

In the second episode, the couples must choose their dream wedding cakes, and some of the pairs refuse to eat for fear that a few bites of a delicious red velvet cake will cause them to lose. I urge all future brides to ignore this lesson. Let them eat cake. If I remember my French history (and I think I don't), not eating cake will result in your being beheaded. And that's the worst way to lose weight.

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