'The Bachelor' Bonus Videos: Targets, Tears and the Talons Come Out Again
'The Bachelor' Bonus Videos: Targets, Tears and the Talons Come Out Again
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Like so many tear-soaked, too-small cocktail dresses, this week's Bachelor episode was busting at the seams ... with emotions.

And, like the face of poor Jaclyn here, it simply cannot not be contained. (Ben, how could you send this face home, roseless and husband-less? How could you not love this face?)

So check out a couple deleted scenes from the episode, as well as the always pathetic "Diaries of the Departed," plus a preview for next week's episode, when Courtney the model will open up her tiny ribcage and eat Emily the epidemiologist WHOLE!

Deleted Scene: Blakeley Thanks Shawntel for Becoming the New Universally Hated Slutmonster. For most of the girls, Shawntel's arrival was the worst thing that ever happened to them. Imagine losing a loved one, becoming homeless, going blind and finding out that all the puppies in the world had died in one day. It felt like that. It was on that level for them. But not Blakeley! Here, Blakeley explains why she's so thankful that Shawntel showed up. And for a woman who's basically hearing, "Everyone hates you, and I like it that way," Shawntel is pretty calm about it.

Diaries of the Departed: Four One-Sided Conversations on Sadness. Erika
, whom we saw both faint and say another girl had "thick thighs," is excited by the amount of class that she showed before Ben dumped her. Shawntel doesn't know if showing up unannounced, declaring her love for Ben and immediately getting rejected was "worth it," but I do! It wasn't. Jaclyn says, "It's not hard for me to fall in love. It's hard for people to fall in love with me," while her face says, "I'm meeeelting! I'm meeeelting!" And Brittney says, "You've just gotta keep trucking along" RIGHT WHEN A TRUCK DROVE BY. Fate, you guys. That was fate.

The Bachelor
Uncensored: Snack Time.
In their downtime (prison time), some of Ben's ladies test out an unusual snack. No, it's not very interesting. But at least we now have confirmation that they eat.

Week 4 Preview: Park City, Utah. Have you ever noticed how EVERYWHERE on The Bachelor is "the perfect place to fall in love"? And how, coincidentally, all of those places are also the perfect places for insecure women to verbally assault each other? I'm sure you've noticed. Because it happens every episode. And it's happening in the next episode too! Check it out:

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8pm on ABC. While you wait, read more about next week's Bachelor dates and drama, and check out photos of Ben and Jennifer's date:

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