Shark: Series Finale Airs Tonight
Shark: Series Finale Airs Tonight
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Tonight, not only will fans have to say goodbye to the second season of Shark, but they will also have to bid farewell to the entire cast of the legal drama for good. While CBS has given good news to bubble shows like The Unit, How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine, the network has opted to cancel the James Woods drama.

Read on to find out what's in store for the series finale of Shark.

Warning: May contain spoilers.

“Wayne's World 3: Killer Shark,” the 16th episode of Shark's second season, follows the team as they race to catch an escaped convict seeking revenge against Sebastian.

The installment features a murdered young woman that prompts Danny and Isaac to investigate and go to the apartment of Christopher Hoffs, the man they believe is responsible for the victim's death. Upon their arrival to the loft, they discover that the place is filled with books and pictures of infamous serial killers, as well as a police scanner and a collection of knives.  They also find out that Hoffs is fixated on a man named Wayne Callison, who is already in prison for killing another young woman.

When Callison learns that the new victim was murdered exactly like the woman he was convicted of killing, he seeks for a new trial.  While being transferred, however, Callison breaks out from the detention of the L.A. County Sheriff's Office.  Later, a man is found murdered with Callison's prison uniform beside him and the name Stark etched into his leg.  Concerned about Sebastian, everyone tries to pull him off the case.  Sebastian refuses to go along especially when his daughter Julia goes missing.

Catch the series ender of Shark tonight at 10pm on CBS.  Shark stars Danielle Panabaker as Julie Stark, Henry Simmons as Isaac Wright, Jeri Ryan as Jessica Devlin, Kevin Alejandro as Danny Reyes, Sarah Carter as Madeleine Poe, Sophina Brown as Raina Troy, and James Woods as Sebastian Stark.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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