'Shark' Actress Prioritizes Family Over Career
'Shark' Actress Prioritizes Family Over Career
The writers' strike has the television industry at a standstill, with many actors and crew members forced to go on an early break.  Having the extra time has proven to be a good thing for Shark actress Jeri Ryan, however, as it has given her the chance to focus on the most important thing in her life: her family.

“Family is always the most important thing.  Always.  Your marriage, your children -- that's life.  That is what's important; that is the real substance of life,” Ryan, who is expecting her first child with second husband Christopher Eme, told ModernMom.com.

Her career takes up a lot of her time, but Ryan, who plays D.A. Jessica Devlin on Shark, says that when it comes to arranging her priorities, her family always comes out on top.

“The work is something to keep us fulfilled and feeling more whole and balanced.  But you've got to prioritize and family has to come first,” she said.

At this time, however, she doesn't have to go into her usual balancing act.  Production on Shark shut down in November, and since then, Jeri Ryan and her husband have been occupied with renovating their home as part of their preparation for their new baby.

“We're trying to remodel part of our house before the baby comes,” Ryan, who will give birth to a baby girl in March, said.  “Now that I'm not at work, I can finally focus on getting her nursery ready, so that's really keeping me hopping!”

Ryan admitted that raising children today poses some tough challenges, but she and Eme are determined to impart only the best values.

“It's a hard time to raise children...  We've become so materialistic and have gotten away from the focus on simply being good people,” she explained.  “I'm raising good people.  My son [Alex] who is now 13, is a really great person—very sensitive, very caring, very thoughtful.  And that's just so important.  Hopefully my daughter will be the same way.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist  

Source: ModernMom.com
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