Spoiler Alert: 'Shameless' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Shameless' Spoilers
Shameless, the irreverent Showtime series about the Gallaghers, a poor family trying to get by in Chicago, is set to come back this winter. One minor spoiler for starters: the film crew was so sick of the bitter cold winter in Chicago that the new season will take place during summer. But that's not the only news we have for you about season 2 of Shameless ...

Fiona and Steve

Steve (Juston Chatwin) was last seen boarding a plane to leave Chicago behind, but he will return at some point in season 2. Details are still kept in the dark but there is a lot to discuss between him and Fiona (Emmy Rossum) so it should be interesting.

Speaking of Fiona, she will have a new suitor in season 2. James Wolk from the short-lived Lonestar has been cast as Fiona's new love interest and it makes Steve's imminent return to Chicago all the more scintillating.

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And before you ask, no, we don't know how much nudity Emmy Rossum has agreed to do in season 2, but if she follows the Anna Paquin model from True Blood, we can only assume that her sexiness will reach new heights with every season.

Departure from the Original

Shameless is, of course, based on a British series and the first season of the American version mimicked the UK version much of the time. But John Wells, the show's executive producer, declared that season 2 of Shameless US will depart from the original material and tread on new ground.

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One of the reasons is that Fiona and Steve leave the show at the end of season 2 in the UK version, something the American producers won't do. After all, Emmy Rossum was the show's break-out star in the first season and in American TV, once you have a star on your hand you don't let him/her go. Unless you're The Office -- but that's another discussion entirely ...

What are you expecting from Shameless' second season? Can't wait for Steve to come back? Or is Fiona ready for someone else? Discuss in the comments!

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