'Shameless' Season 3 Review: The Gallagher Family Feud
'Shameless' Season 3 Review: The Gallagher Family Feud
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There's something fun and voyeuristic about Showtime's Shameless. Season 3 begins Sunday, January 13 at 9pm, and the Gallagher clan is up to the same tricks as always.

Last season ended with the family united through the combined disappointments of matriarch Monica fleeing the city after a suicide attempt and Karen's giving birth to a baby that, to the surprise of everyone, wasn't Lip's.

The new season offers a fresh start for the Gallaghers as things are running smoothly. Fiona and Jimmy are enjoying domestic bliss. Lip seems relatively happy with Mandy. And, most importantly, Frank is nowhere to be seen (a particularly prolonged bender leaves him in Mexico, sans passport).

However, things do not stay happy on Shameless for long. The new year finds some of season 2's additions causing some major trouble, most prominently Jimmy's sham marriage to a drug kingpin's daughter. There's also Ian's wildly inappropriate sexual relationship with Jimmy's married father (played by Harry Hamlin). Neither of those stories was ever going to end well.

The real driving force behind season 3, however, is the internal family feud between Fiona and Lip. For years Fiona has sacrificed everything in her life to take care of her siblings, but as she starts to finally do things for herself, Lip's girlfriend Mandy decides to play Lady MacBeth and suggest that maybe he should be the one running the Gallagher household. After all, Lip is an absolute genius whose knowledge of robotics and lasers can come in handy.

I always welcome back the Gallagher family onto my DVR. It's a wonderful show and season 3 has everything fans have come to expect. William H. Macy gets to deliver drunken, politically-incorrect tirades that make Glenn Beck sound like a liberal. There's a biting comedy that underscores nearly every scene (especially with neighbors Veronica and Kevin who start their own slavery fetish Internet sex show). And then there's all the gritty, steamy sex (taking full advantage of the freedom of being on pay cable).

Shameless airs Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.

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