'The Voice' Recap: A Night with No Winners
'The Voice' Recap: A Night with No Winners
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The second Tuesday night episode of The Voice is where they throw away the trash. It's not that the singers are bad, but there's nothing and no one particularly special in the fourth installment of the season 4 blind auditions.

In season 3, the hour-long episode that aired on the second Tuesday of the blind auditions featured no singers who made the Top 12 and only one (Joselyn Rivera) from the Top 20. So basically, all the people who make a team in this episode of The Voice are destined to lose in the battle rounds.

How bad are the singers tonight? Of the eight who manage to make a team, only one of them is able to get more than two coaches to turn around. And there are no four-chair singers.

Audrey Karrasch ("Price Tag" by Jessie J.)

We already have a male model with Josiah Hawley, and now we get a female model. The fact that she's already tired of the modeling industry by the age of 20 says a lot. She's just an OK pop singer.

Coaches: Blake Shelton and Usher turn around. Blake gets really into it and smiles and rocks out the whole time. Adam Levine tries to talk, but Audrey shuts him down right away since he didn't push his button. Sass attack! She asks Usher a question, and as soon as he starts to talk, she joins Team Usher. Poor Blake.

Brandon Roush ("With a Little Help from My Friends" by The Beatles)

He's a grungy looking rocker who works with autistic kids. He's also NOT Brandon Routh, which disappoints me. His voice is totally different from what he looks like as he's got a lot of soul, but his screams are a little off.

Coaches: Shakira is the only coach who turns around. Blake is shocked that he's not a black guy (which is understandable) and Adam loves that he looks like he's in Megadeath. He joins Team Shakira.

Betsy Barta ("Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele)

She plays music on the streets of Minneapolis, which sounds cold. She's a good singer, but there's nothing particularly special about the performance.

Coaches: No one turns around. The problem is that the coaches were all comparing her to Adele and she did nothing to set herself apart from another Adele wannabe.

Patrick Dodd ("Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn)

He's way, way, WAAAAAAY too old to have dreadlocks. He's a Memphis family man who plays on Beale Street. He has one of those bluesy voices that sounds like he's spent the majority of his life smoking and drinking in bars.

Coaches: Adam and Shakira turn around. Shakira is getting really good at pitching herself as a little spitfire who will put her whole heart and soul into helping her singers. He joins Team Adam.

Trevor Davis, C. Perkins and Agina Alvarez

Proving just how dull the talent is in this episode, we quickly see three singers who only got one coach to push their button. Trevor joins Team Blake, C. Perkins joins Team Shakira and returning singer Agina joins Team Adam.

Orlando Dixon ("So Sick" by Ne-Yo)

He's a mama's boy and his performance is pretty bad. He's all over the place with awful runs and subpar falsetto. I'm having horrible Avery Wilson flashbacks, and this story is gonna end badly.

Coaches: Usher turns around at the very last second. It feels like a pity push. He joins Team Usher.

Savannah Berry ("Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift)

She's a Texas girl who posted YouTube videos of herself and that led to performing with Sugarland for the Academy of Country Music Awards. Can we just fast forward to her picking Team Blake?

Coaches: Adam, Blake and Shakira turn around. When Savannah names Miranda Lambert as one of her musical influences, the writing is on the wall. Shakira still makes a hard sell about how Adam and Blake are tired and old while Shakira is new and hungry, so she will work harder for her. Blake even offers to adopt her. Blake is way too smug, but it's warranted because she joins Team Blake.

It was an even night as everyone picked up two more artists for their teams, but let's be honest: Savannah Berry is the only one who has a chance of making it to the live playoffs.

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