[Video] See The Trailers For NBC's New Fall Comedies
[Video] See The Trailers For NBC's New Fall Comedies
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NBC has been having a tough time with its comedy programming. It lost two of the anchors to its once-dominating Thursday comedy block this year as 30 Rock and The Office said their final goodbyes. 

This year, NBC attempted to look for broader, less niche comedy and once again fell flat on its proverbial face. The shows that were supposed to herald a new direction for the network's comedies, like the once-promising Matthew Perry vehicle Go On and The New Normal, ended up cancelled. Parks and Recreations is still plugging along, but while Community was renewed it hasn't even found a permanent place on the schedule NBC recently released.

NBC needs to find new comedy hits and it needs to find them fast. Will any of these new comedies do the trick? It's too soon to tell, but its certainly hard to bet against a show with Michael J. Fox. 

While it might be too early to tell which of these shows will become a new favorite and which will crash and burn, but below are the trailers for NBC's three new fall comedies:

Welcome to the Family

Time slot: Thursdays at 8:30pm following Parks

The Plot: Two families, different as can be, find themselves suddenly thrust together when their teenage college-bound children end up pregnant. When daughter Molly and son Junior get hitched, the two families have to deal with the culture-clash and find a way to get along.

Prognosis: Let's start with the positives: it has the wonderful Mike O'Malley and Ella Rae Peck, who showed she can be more than a bit player on the late Deception. Other good things are...um...ok, I'm out. It sounds like a tired premise and the official description has the phrase "OMG/Dios Mio!" in it. Still if anyone could make a stale premise work, it would be the charming O'Malley.

Sean Saves the World

Time slot: Thursdays at 9:00pm 

The Plot: Sean is a divorced gay dad trying to have it all! (A storyline usually reserved for women so..progress?) When his 14-year-old daughter moves in with him full time he decides to be the perfect dad. That is, however, before a new boss makes his work life even more stressful and his pushy mom pokes her nose in. Will he be able to do it all? 

Prognosis: Sean Hayes is great but the plot seems very paint by the numbers, gay dad angle aside. The executive producer also worked on Better Off Ted and Andy Richter Controls the Universe so maybe it'll end up having more bite than the premise would suggest? 

The Michael J. Fox Show

Time slot: Thursdays at 9:30pm 

The Plot: Michael J. Fox plays a beloved news anchor who returns to work after taking some time to spend with his family and focus on his health after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Now he's back juggling family and career just like before. 

Prognosis: It's Michael J. Fox's return to television and we all love Michael J. Fox! I think the odds are pretty good people will give this show a shot just based on impossible it is not to love Michael J. Fox. 

What do you think? Are you excited about any of the shows? What will you be watching? Sound off in the comments! 

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