'Sean Saves the World' While Bringing the Laughs
'Sean Saves the World' While Bringing the Laughs
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) will be back on your television screen this fall in his new family comedy, "Sean Saves the World." At the Television Critics Association Press Day (TCAs), the executive producers and cast discussed the new show. 

Who's Here:

Sean Hayes (Sean/Executive Producer)
Megan Hilty (Liz)
Thomas Lennon (Max)
Samantha Isler (Ellie)
Echo Kellum (Hunter)
Linda Lavin (Lorna)
Todd Milliner (Executive Producer)
Victor Fresco (Executive Producer)

Highlights from the Panel:

  • "I think thankfully it's an afterthought like any other character of minority." "Here we it's normal to everybody." - Hayes on having a gay character.
  • "Without Will and Grace, we wouldn't be here." - Fresco
  • "I love being in this town with a job." - Linda Lavin about moving from New York to Los Angeles.
  • "I love LA and I'm happy to be in LA with the sunshine all year long." - Hilty
  • The development started with a 14-year old daughter. For the mother they wanted a character that was strong and believe she was "expert" on parenting. Due to the focus at home and work, they decided not to add a grandfather.
  • It's a multi-camera show and filmed with a  theatrical audience. 
  • "He's so funny and so likable that he could hold the stage." "He's fearless and funny." -Lavin on Hayes.
  • "It doesn't matter how many cameras there are. I enjoy it all. I enjoy the business of it all." - Hayes
  • The entire cast has a theater background. 
  • Megan's character, Liz, isn't in the pilot, but is central to the show. 
  • Liz and Sean have known each other 15 years. She was the caterer to his wedding. She knew he was gay and asked why he was getting married. They are good friends.
  • Who is Ellie's surrogate mom? That's a question on the show. There's Megan who is a little bit wild. Or, the grandmother.
  • Lavin enjoys that she's "Playing a mother who is not the butt of a joke, not a simpleton, has something to say, she's smart and challenging."
  • Sean has gone from weekend Dad to full-time Dad. That means he's making the shift from a fun Dad to more serious, which creates tension at home.
  • At work, Sean has a new boss, who is the new owner of the company
  • There are currently no plans for Sean's ex-wife and Ellie's mother to appear on the show. She will be reference though.
  • The show takes place outside of Chicago.
  • The show's focus is Sean's relationship with his daughter, where he spends most of his time. 
  • Sean's a single man and he will be dating.
  • Hunter is a co-worker and good influence on Ellie. He's honest, into music and photographer. Positive influence.
  • No plans for Megan Hilty to sing right now. But, there is some dancing coming up.
  • "I'm so excited about this. I'm really excited to do a complete 180 form last job. I love making people laugh. I'm really excited about the differences from my last job. I can always do concerts." -- Hilty
  • Lavin calls Sean Hayes a combination of "Jimmy Stewart and Charlie Chaplin"
Check out a preview of the Sean Saves the World.

More from TCA:

Sean Saves the World premieres Thursday, October 3 at 9pm ET.

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