Will Clay Uncover Ray's Lies About His Injury on 'SEAL Team'?
Will Clay Uncover Ray's Lies About His Injury on 'SEAL Team'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Ray's injury remains a secret on SEAL Team, but the series may have foreshadowed how it will all come out. Clay isn't around to make friends and proved that by undermining Ray's authority and position. This will likely lead to tension on the base, but will it be more problematic for Ray? Will Clay learn the truth about Ray's injury and use it against his superior in the future?

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Clay Has Never Believed in the Idea of Family

During selection it was clear that Clay doesn't see the team as a family. He's never had that experience, so it's understandable that he doesn't believe it could be possible. Because of that, he's not gelling with the team that well. In the episode, Clay annoyed Sonny with a comment about tunnels (although that was likely just poor writing to allow the audience to know more about these tunnels) and then got under Ray's skin by undermining his authority.

Ray later made it clear that if it was a personal attack there'd be a problem. However, if it was for the good of the team, he would accept Clay's decision to go over his head. It screams foreshadowing of the things to come.

Since Clay doesn't believe the team can become his family, it suggests that he has no reason to be respectful or loyal. Clay views this as a job and he wants to move up the ranks. He's willing to stab people in the back to get there if he needs to. Should he find out Ray's been hiding a serious injury, he'd have no reason to keep that quiet.

Telling Jason Would Be Good for the Team

During SEAL Team, Ray did point out that he would be fine if Clay's actions were for the good of the team. Arguably, alerting Jason to Ray's shoulder injury would be for the good of the team. Ray made a dangerous decision by lying about it for the sake of money. Should his shoulder become a problem on a mission, he could put the whole team at risk.

Anyone who hides it from Jason would also make a dangerous decision. Two people are then putting the whole team at risk, and it wouldn't be worth it for Clay to hide something this big. Clay is the new guy and needs to avoid looking untrustworthy. Covering for Ray would mean lying to the rest of the team, which could lead to him being kicked out of the team and disciplined for his actions.

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A Chance for Clay to Gain a Family

Despite not really believing in the team becoming family, Clay has the chance to gain one. If Clay learns of Ray's injury, this would be the perfect way for him to show that he's loyal and that he doesn't have a problem with Ray. He could agree to keep the secret and help Ray as much as possible.

The problem is secrets always eventually come out. Should Jason later learn that Clay knew and kept it quiet, both Clay and Ray could face disciplinary action.

It isn't an easy position for Clay to be in should he learn about Ray's injury. The highly likely option would be for him to uncover the lies and cause problems for Ray.

Do you think Clay will be the one to find out about Ray's injury? Will he tell Jason the truth? Could he remain loyal to Ray? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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