Was Nate Really Having an Affair on 'SEAL Team'?
Was Nate Really Having an Affair on 'SEAL Team'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Nate's burner phone raised questions for his friends in the latest episode of SEAL Team. Alana turned to Jason in hope he could dig up information, fearing that Nate had been having an affair before his death. Jason eventually discovers that the only phone number on the burner phone was used on days when Nate visited a specific address in Norfolk. He also learned that the address belonged to a woman, but does that mean Nate was having an affair?

There are so many other reasons for Nate to visit a secret address. Not all the reasons mean he was cheating on his wife. An affair seems too obvious for SEAL Team, based on the writing of the first three episodes. Here's a look at the other plausible reasons.

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The Woman Is Nate's Therapist

It isn't that surprising to hear that military personnel, especially those involved in secret missions, turn to therapists for help. Nate may have had mental health problems linked to previous operations. The woman could be the therapist he was speaking to before his death.

Why would he keep a thing like that quiet? Nate likely wouldn't have wanted anyone else to find out. Seeking help for mental issues can be viewed as weakness.

Also, as a SEAL, Nate would have had to see an approved therapist. He would have had to speak to Jason, as team leader. Therapists need to be cleared to discuss the secret missions, as Jason's therapist mentioned in the premiere. Keeping it a secret was the only way Nate could have seen a therapist of his choice.

Nate Was Moonlighting and Setting up a Plan to Leave

Another plausible reason for the secret burner phone is that Nate had a few secret dealings on the side. He may have been moonlighting, which could have been viewed as a conflict of interests for the SEALs. Alternatively, he may have been setting up a plan to leave the military without anyone else knowing what he was doing.

Had Nate been moonlighting, it's possible that he was involved in something dangerous. This would explain the secret phone. If it was something that could get his family in trouble or put them in danger, he would have wanted to make sure they were kept out of the loop.

If he was setting up a plan to leave, he may not have wanted people to know just yet. It would have been easier for Molly and his son not to know, rather than have to keep a secret for Nate until he was ready to share the truth.

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It's Connected to the Safe

In the SEAL Team series premiere, Jason talks about a safe. There's a mention that Nate was fixated on the safe; he wanted to know what was inside. Initially it seemed like he was just curious, but there could have been a deeper and darker reason for wanting to know about the safe. This could connect back to the burner phone.

Nate may have been working for someone else and have had a side mission to get the contents of the safe. He couldn't have told anybody about his side mission, so would have had to mask his interest in the safe as a passing curiosity.

The burner phone would have been necessary for such a mission. Nate couldn't have let anyone track his phone calls and would have needed to make sure Molly knew nothing.

Do you think the burner phone and the woman are evidence of Nate having an affair? Was he up to something dangerous? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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