'SEAL Team' Recap: Where Does the Money Trail Lead?
'SEAL Team' Recap: Where Does the Money Trail Lead?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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SEAL Team continues the story of searching for the terrorist responsible for Echo Team's death in "No Man's Land." After going through Kamal's cell phone, they go after 18 targets in the space of seven days. However, it's footage from the attack at Kamal's house that leads them to a clue to finally solve the mystery.

Camera Footage Leads Bravo Team to a Poppy Farm

Cerberus the dog's footage from the mission at Kamal's house spots him sitting as he looks at a wall. It turns out Cerberus was trained in narcotics before being trained in bomb detection, and it likely means there are drugs in the wall. Sure enough, the footage leads the team to heroin, which can be traced back to a poppy farm.

This leads Bravo Team to the first possible reason for the mass attack on Echo Team. The poppy farm had been ambushed and burned to the ground, which destroyed the opium to make the heroin. With a business destroyed, the attack on Echo Team was retaliation.

However, Clay points out that it could all be circumstantial evidence. Mandy thought that too, but finds surveillance footage putting the same truck at both the house and the poppy farm. This is all connected and the mission is approved.

When at the poppy farm, they find the farmer, but he claims to know nothing. It's only when Sonny and Clay find a tunnel stuffed with millions in cash that the farmer starts talking. While he didn't have a direct hand, he acts as the bank and is holding the money for some dangerous men. Those men appear daily and, after a discussion, the team decides to wait for someone to show up for the money.

Just as the change to the mission is approved, a young boy on a moped shows up. The boy claims he lives on a farm and learned English by watching a lot of American TV. Nobody believes him and after a discussion, Jason decides to put a tracking device in the moped. They follow the boy to a house only to learn that he's not a boy after all; he's a young woman who looks after her kid brother.

Bravo Team Follow the Money

The woman is a messenger. Mandy encourages the woman to talk, giving up the person she runs messages for. Now that messages have landed in American hands, the girl will be caught and killed by the man she runs messages for. She claims it's war, but eventually starts talking. She and her brother were orphaned and being a messenger has been her only option, but it isn't something she wants to do.

She does admit she is expected soon, so Mandy arranges for her to be wired to avoid raising suspicion and catch the man who ordered the hit. The young girl comes through and Bravo Team learns that the terrorists are going to return for their money. Bravo Team returns to the farm.

When the terrorists turn up, Bravo Team is forced to kill everyone. They create another obstacle to figure out those responsible for Echo Team's deaths.

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Mandy Searches for the Red Mercedes

While the team follows the money, Mandy focuses her efforts on the red Mercedes owner, Saleem. Paul, the journalist, won't give her any more information until she tells him what she wants the information for. After giving him some information "off the record," Paul shares that Saleem hasn't likely been radicalized, but could be working with some of the terrorists. Saleem won't talk to Paul, since Saleem can't buy him off but will talk to beautiful women.

Mandy arranges a meeting with Saleem  who shares his disappointment in the events that killed Echo Team. However, he has little information other than everything Mandy already knows about Tariq and possibly being forced into leading Echo Team into the building.

Jason Makes Empty Promises

Finally, a new woman, Amy, joins the base. Jason spends the final minutes of the episode trying to figure her out and it turns out she's part of Tactical Security. Amy worked with Echo Team, and believed the attack may have been linked to the burning of the poppy farm. She also admits that her own guys could have been the ones that burned down that field.

In the end, Mandy has tracked that Al-Qaeda targeted Echo Team, but something spooked them. They bring the young messenger girl back in, paying her for the work she has already done. The girl uses this chance to negotiate a ticket to America for her new life, stating that she knows more men and can get them more information. Jason accepts the terms, despite knowing that he'd never be able to follow through with them.

Did you guess the young boy was really a woman? Were you shocked that the money trail led to a dead end? How do you think Saleem will play a part in all this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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