'SEAL Team' Recap: Clay Gets an 'Easy' First Mission
'SEAL Team' Recap: Clay Gets an 'Easy' First Mission
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Clay is officially a member of Bravo Team after completing training. This episode of SEAL Team, titled "Rolling Dark," involves his first day on the job. Stella later remarks that it turned into a first week on the job, after what was supposed to be an easy rescue mission turns into something much more complicated. However, he does start to find a home within the team and gains good advice from certain members.

The Mission for the Week

The SEALs are called into China when the plane of Dmitri, a Russian doctor who has defected to the United States, crashes in a storm. The man has information useful to the CIA, so the Americans are doing everything possible to get him to the United States safely. Meanwhile, the Russians have moved in to execute him.

It doesn't take too long for the SEALs to find his downed plane, but the Russians have beaten them there first. Jason realizes that the Russians are an Alpha Group, the equivalent of a Bravo Team. That means they have all the same equipment as the SEALs, except one thing: the sniffer dog. When the Russians take all the documentation intelligence from the crashed plane, the sniffer dog becomes the most useful member of the SEALs. The SEALs know Dmitri and his wife will head to the west to the Afghan border.

With the help of the sniffer dog, they're able to find Dmitri and his wife and convince him to trust them with the offer of a medic. Dmitri's wife is seriously injured and Dmitri wants to help her. While the SEALs help, Dmitri rushes off to turn himself into the Russians. He's happy to be executed as long as his wife is safe.

Jason takes Clay in search for Dmitri, finding him easily in a ditch. With the Chinese Army moving towards them, the Russians somewhere in the area, and daylight coming up, it's turning into a dangerous mission. They can't get to the Afghan border in daylight because they can't risk being seen by the Chinese, so the SEALs wait for nightfall.

Once Bravo Team is back together at nightfall, they make their way to the border. They're stopped by the Russians, with the Chinese getting closer to them. It's turning into a standoff, as the Russians don't want the Chinese to know they are there too. In the end, Jason makes the decision to light up the whole area. The Russians will have night vision goggles on, which means the light will blind them momentarily. While the Russians' eyes adjust for a couple of minutes, the SEALs have time to run across the Afghan border where other Americans are waiting for them.

The plan works and it's the end of Clay's first mission. The team gets ready to go home.

Clay's First Day Is Just Like Frat Initiation

When Clay gets ready for his first day, Stella comments that it's like frat initiation. Clay points out that that is exactly what it is going to be like for him. There will be plenty of hazing and he is ready for it.

His first task is to get his cage. Davis asks him for all the equipment he wants to have, shocking Clay. He's used to being grilled for asking for a spare flashlight, so finding out he can put together a SEAL Team Christmas list and get everything he wants is exciting. That excitement dwindles when he realizes how expensive his first day is going to be. Every stupid question he asks or mistake he makes means that he has to bring in another crate of beer. This continues all throughout the mission, until he's up to 19 crates.

In the end, Davis suggests that Clay gets a couple of crates the next day. After that, he can get a keg. The rest of the team won't want to do the math and they'll call it even. It will help to save the bank balance.

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The SEALs Deal with Personal Lives

Jason and Sonny both deal with things happening in their personal lives. At the beginning of the episode, Ray's wife wakes Jason on the couch while feeding the baby. They have a chance to chat, which gives Naima a chance to admit that she and Ray have discussed Jason's distrust in Clay. The boy reminds Jason too much of Nate, making it harder for Jason to give the guy a chance.

At the end, seeing how Naima tried to wait up for Ray to come home and Ray takes Naima to bed, Jason starts to think about Alana. He clearly wants to be back with her, but is struggling with how the missions are affecting him.

Meanwhile, Sonny attempts to call Danny, the former colleague who had been injured during a mission gone wrong, again. Danny still hasn't returned the phone call Sonny made in the last episode and this phone call goes straight to voicemail too. Sonny turns to Davis for answers. The last Davis saw of Danny was when they were in Germany and Danny was medically evacuated with his injuries. Sonny admits that was the last time he saw Danny too, clearly regretting the actions.

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