Is 'SEAL Team' Already Getting Too Predictable?
Is 'SEAL Team' Already Getting Too Predictable?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Another week of SEAL Team has gone by and the ending felt a little anticlimactic. It was clear the SEALs were going to complete the mission, although not exactly in the way they initially planned. From the beginning, the format of the show has been the same; not just in introducing a single mission to complete and working around personal lives, but in the way the missions happen.

The SEALs go into the mission, which doesn't quite go to plan, and they run into potential diplomatic issues. Jason gets some genius idea to work around the problems and the mission is completed, with the assets saved. Could this be a bad thing for the show?

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It's Time to Show the Full Danger of the Missions

The only mission that hasn't worked out with a happy ending was the introductory mission, where Nate was killed. This mission set up the overarching SEAL Team storyline, giving Bravo Team a reason to need a new team member and creating tension within the ranks. While it showed the danger, the show has steered away from it since.

While there has been danger created with external issues, they've not directly affected individual team members. The dangers have been obstacles to get around. These dangers have been excellent to show the SEALs' ability to think on the spot and tackle stressful situations, but after a while they become predictable and boring. Considering the dangers to their lives, it could be time to put one of team members in direct danger. It could be time for one to potentially be captured, so the others have to save him.

Movies, books and autobiographies have already shown the dangers of being a SEAL. They've shown that not every mission is successful and SEALs do die. They've also shown that rescue missions to get the fallen SEALs can go awry. While SEAL Team has mentioned the support on certain sides of borders, they've not quite shown the full danger on the wrong side of those borders.

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Is Jason Right About Clay?

By adding an element of danger, it would open the show to prove Jason's opinion of Clay is true. So far, Jason believes that Clay is a "true believer," someone who will get the rest of the team killed. Naima, Ray's wife, also pointed out that Clay reminds Jason of Nate. This could add extra worry, since Jason knows that Nate was hiding something from the team.

Clay could react to a situation, putting someone on the team at risk. He could even put himself at risk, whether it's being shot or captured. This would feed into Stella's fears of losing Clay or something happening to him while on duty.

Whoever is captured or hurt would help to make a point that the SEALs are putting their lives on the line. It's easy to overlook that with a TV show, especially when all their missions have turned out successful.

Do you think the show is already getting too predictable? Does the show need to rock the boat in the second half of its first season? Share in the comments below.

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